Thursday, April 19, 2007

United Front...

Sorry it has been way too long since my last post. My adventures in mommyhood have been so much fun lately, Ollie is a boy on the go, which is good since his mom likes to venture out. I titled this blog "united front" because Matt and I are truly enjoying being united lately, I said the other day, "Matt, we are a united front and Ollie is our mascot." You know in the beginning like say 7 weeks ago when Ollie was just a few days old, it felt like I didn't even know who Matt was anymore, that was such a scary feeling. Change and increased hormone levels can do weird things with your mind.

We are however truly basking in our "new normal" lives. Matt, is such a great dad and has managed to figure out how to still love me as much as he did before and love our sweet little son. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus made all of this possible. We yearn for the love of Christ so that we can pass it on to others. Our new favorite thing to do is to watch Ollie sleep in his crib at night... he is so peaceful, it can't help but calm and drown out all of our worries of the world. If you are feeling stressed then you need to come over and watch Ollie boy enjoy 7 and 1/2 week old dream land...apparently it is a beautiful thing.