Saturday, July 31, 2010

boys will be boys...

G-daddy swinging Ollie's tootsies in Lake J one morning.
Ollie got to go to the pool one day with G-daddy in the!
Race car at the new and improved Children's museum.
And a tractor ride at the museum, all in all this boy had a fun week!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

babes on bellies...

It has been an uber crazy fun week so far this week. My parents came into town on Sunday night and left yesterday morning, then the wee ones and I headed to Fort Mill, SC for the day to visit my best friend Carla and her new (well new as in 6 months old) baby Levi! sweet and so much more active than Sarah Claire...he even tried to roll out of his bouncy seat while we were there!
Bad lighting but a funny pic...she was checking him out and I think it worked because SC rolled over 2 times this morning all by herself, yay!
Sweet glad to see your mommy and finally kiss your face!

More to come on the earlier adventures of the week...
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Friday, July 23, 2010

first haircut...

Sarah Claire...has a lot of hair! I am constantly pushing to the side the sweet girly "comb over."
She was born with tons of hair...remember?? I knew she would b/c I had TERRIBLE heart burn the whole time I was pregnant...yes I do believe the myth is true... hair=heartburn!
So I trimmed her bangs...much better! What a funny face!
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

ahhh summer...

(sun setting in Avon, NC)

As I sit here in our dining room turned home office with the warm sun coming through the windows, drinking coffee...having two kids has made me learn to enjoy a cup of early morning joe... I reflect.

Our summer has been a breath of fresh air! I would say (hoping to do a post one of these days) that the 3 months prior to summer were probably some of the craziest times we had ever had what with having a baby, selling our house, moving into a friends, going back to work and then moving into our new place, whew! I have absolutely loved playing "house" in my new home! We love every nook and cranny of this abode. We have met many neighbors and have been playing with them both little and big on a weekly basis. I love, love, love the fact that there are little people Ollie's age that live across the street and down the street and in the cul-de-sac (get the picture?!) What an incredible blessing to be able to walk to play and visit and learn about our new friends. The potential amazes me...borrowing an egg, watching each other's kids while you run out for something, and perhaps maybe even a supper'!

I have met so many new friends this summer both in our new hood my new job! Yes, as if we didn't have enough change in our lives I decided to switch schools for this upcoming year. I decided to pack up my things after finishing my 7th year of teaching at Hunter and hang my teacher apron at a new school...Irving Park...teaching a new grade...3rd! I am so excited...the opportunities in all of this are like I said earlier...a breath of fresh air!
Waking up every summer morning and getting to hang with these two has been so sweet and fun! Wishing I could store up the summer rest for the crazier times to come, but that's the joy of summer, a rest and an in between and believe me everyone in our family enjoys it!

Ollie has loved playing in his playroom and exploring...he asked me the other day when we were going back to school, glad to know he enjoys it so much! He's almost figured out how to swim, jumped off the diving board to Matt 4 times in a row last week. And we've figured out that he might be even more extroverted than his mommy! He loves his new neighbors too!
Sweet blue eyes continues to make us smile...she has been grabbing things like crazy, can almost roll over from her back to close. She can sit un-assisted for about 2 seconds...loves eating big girl food...does not however love a bottle at the moment. She squeals with delight..a lot...did it in her crib for about 10 minutes last night while going to sleep. She is a funny girl, it is so neat seeing more of a personality these days. And she still lights up like Christmas any time her big brother is near...he can make her cackle like she's just heard the funniest joke ever!

Loving every moment of it...ahhh summer!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super O...

Super O to the rescue, actually I think he said his name was "Super Y" you know after the tv show on pbs, his precious catch phrase was, " I am here to help!" Please note the fish net accessory.

This little boy is just the most fun these days, don't get me wrong, we have our moments...but for the most part I find myself looking at him often, thinking wow we made you, you're a little Hannam, not just the cute little blonde thing that buzzes around and asks for treats.

On our floor right now I see a sword turned into a fishing pole, a suction cup dart gun, a sippy cup with a dice in it ( a game I am sure.) And just before bed tonight and in between thunderstorms we were outside and he wanted to catch a firefly. (Side note, he had to go potty and waddled around the yard with his pants down around his ankles for a while trying to catch a bug, so funny.) Anyways... I helped him catch one and put it in a tupperwear container. He came inside and said he wanted to make a playground for his firefly, so he gathered a few objects and placed it inside his new pet's home. I asked him what his bug's name was and he said "Joey" like my Joey he said.

Some of you have had the privilege over the years of meeting our friend Joey, an old YL friend, whose been dealt way more than any young guy should be dealt in life. We knew Joey before we knew Ollie, but now that Ollie knows him they are special friends. And I think it is the sweetest thing that he calls him "my Joey."

Tonight I feel thankful to know and walk beside Super O in this adventure of life...and so very thankful to know that there is a Greater One who refers to me as "My Whitney!"
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Russ and Monica...

Our friends Russ and Monica came to visit a few days this week...we had tons of fun! They are expecting their first baby...a the end of September. We headed downtown Friday night for dinner and I was excited to be able to snap a few photos of them... and their baby!
This one's my fave!
Even Matt jumped into a few for fun, ha! Photography is such a fun hobby for me!
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Blue and Pink


So fun to see the ways these kids are the same and oh so different!
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

little soo...

When Olls was a wee little thing somehow, somewhere we started calling him little boo, so when SC arrived it just fell out of my mouth one day to call her little soo (like boo at halloween and s- for sarah.) She has many does Ollie. We call her little soosers, Sarah Bear and lately her brother has been just calling!
Little Soo...started some cereal yesterday...the verdict is still out on to enjoy or not to enjoy!
Little a bundle of healthy joy...17 lbs, 25 inches long...can't believed I ever wondered if I'd have enough love for both my children. Oh My Good Ness...we love you Little Soo!
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the dress...

9 years...keeping up with traditions...the cake tasted...well like 9 year old cake! Matt looks a bit scared!
Thats better!
...don't be fooled it's only half way zipped but that's better than no zip at all, right! Fun times!
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

9 years...

9 years...468 weeks...3,285 (ish) days...I've been enjoying being a Mrs! Mrs. Matthew Oliver Hannam!

Remember this from last summer?

Looking forward to the traditions...cake, dress wearing, and oh yeah an anniversary date night!

Matty...I love being in love with YOU! Happy Anniversary, baby!
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Monday, July 5, 2010

the beach girl...

slept a lot or so it the beach tent, in her car seat, and beside mommy on the couch bed (pack n play was too big.) She wasn't too sure about the sand or the wind for that matter but seem to otherwise enjoy being away with her family...she is officially 4 months old!
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the beach boy...

Had a great time on his "family bacation" as he kept calling it! He even was sworn in as a "junior park ranger" at the lighthouse yesterday!
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the scenes...

...we borrowed Uncle Ben's pop up camper for our vacation and headed to Buxton, NC. I have to admit I was a little bit worried about our accommodations but we had a fabulous time...we've stayed on our sailboat so many times, this actually had more sleeping space. The weather was absolutely wonderful...much cooler then it has been so for that we were thankful!
We enjoyed the turtle pond right behind our campsite...Ollie enjoyed it so much he fell in one afternoon...don't worry he didn't get snapped by the turtles.

On Friday we hit the road and caught a ride on the ferry to Ocracoke, to spend the day enjoying the sun and was really breezy but fun!
Here are my boys enjoying the soft sand between their toes...more pictures coming soon!
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