Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the story of us...part 4

I've been inviting you into a few pages of our story, if you're catching up here are parts one, two and three. Today's page...the wedding!

8 years ago today, July 7, 2001 I woke up early, couldn't sleep too excited. I grew up in Hollywood, SC which sits right outside of Charleston, SC. I remember getting up and walking outside and sitting on my parents big Charleston style wrap around front porch, with my Bible and journal. As I sat I looked at the humongous tent that had taken over my parents front yard...we had our reception outside at their house...but I am jumping ahead. I read a little and thought...then ran inside and threw up. I am serious...you see Matt and I had decided long before we even said "I do" that divorce was not an option for us, so in reflection that Saturday morning forever felt like a really long time. So once the getting sick part was over, I felt a ton better and those emotions turned into a flurry of excitement and to do lists.

By this time my family was starting to stir and it was time to eat and then head off to get my hair done...our big event took place at 12:30 pm. So all the bridesmaids gathered at Hair Bears ( a child's hair salon...I was the receptionist there for a few years in high school, my first job) to get our hair and make up done. Then we headed over to the church, James Island Baptist Church.

We all got dressed the color palette for this big day was sort of a pastelly spring day (even though we got married on one of the hottest days of July that summer.) My bridesmaid dresses were periwinkle, as were about the majority of weddings back that summer season. We put on our glitter razzle dazzle powder, and ate a snack and then went out to take pictures. My dad came by to catch a sneak peak and I remember I teared up a bit, I had never seen him in a tux until that day...so stunning! We had decided to take the majority of our pictures ahead of time, I know breaking tradition the bride did see the groom and vice versa (see pic above of us holding hands.) I loved doing it that way honestly, the photographer backed us up to each other and then counted to three and you see the sweet moment above we had. I was still quite nervous and seeing my best friend and soon to be husband calmed my nerves right down. It was important to do it like this because the reception was about 20 minutes away and we were having lunch at the reception, didn't want people to have to wait forever.

The stage was set, everyone in their places and my dad walked me down the isle to turn me over to Matt to no longer be a Lybrand but to now be a Hannam. The song "It's all about you" was being sung by two of our college friends. I love that song..."It's all about you...Jesus...and all this is for you...for your glory and your fame." That was (is) our prayer. Matt and I gazed at each other, said our vows, gave each other rings, said I do (you'll have to ask Matt about that moment one day) and kissed and headed out the door. It was beautiful and yet so simple.

The reception was fun, hot but fun. Our guests feasted on hamburgers, hot dogs, and bar b cue sandwiches, it was delicious, low budget and just our style. We walked around to meet and greet, took tons of pictures, ate some yummy cake, danced a little and just enjoyed being Matt and Whitney Hannam. I loved that day and am loving remembering that day, wouldn't it be fun if every year you could just transport back to your wedding if only for a few minutes. We do have two quirky traditions that we do every year...I try on my dress, umm not sure if it will fit this year, last year I couldn't really zip it and we always have a bite of our wedding cake. Yes you read this right, its the same cake today makes it 8 years old. Every year Matt unwraps about 75 layers of saran wrap and we have one tiny little bite and then wrap it up for the next year. Can't say it's as tasty as it was that day but it's those little things that make us who we are, Matt and Whitney.

I love you Matthew Oliver Hannam, Happy 8 years, baby!

I'm celebrating the gift of being married for 8 years today by linking up at Chatting at the Sky!
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Matt Hannam said...

Oh, Ollie is eating the cake to. He's in the family. It's what we do.

Sarah said...

Oh, I LOVE your story! Isn't it fun to remember it? It's so fun to talk about all of the fun from the dating and engagement and marriage with the guys too! I threw up on my wedding day too!!! And I LOVE your tradition about trying on your dress and eating a bite of cake! Those things are so much fun! My good friend Heather and her hubby painted their car with "Married 1 year" on their 1st anniversary and donned their wedding clothes again and rode all around GSO! It's so fun to hear what people do!

melissa said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! love you, girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Thank you for sharing your story!

Get Real Girl said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary !!!!Love you lots, Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

8 years??? Wow. That def is a diamond year!

Bill Goins