Monday, June 27, 2011

lollipop, lollipop...

Recently I saw on a friends photography blog a very cute idea to use lollies as a photo prop. Quite honestly Ollie doesn't like me to take his picture much happens a lot! So I pretty much bribed Ollie with a know for good measure of course!

Both Ollie and Sarah Claire enjoyed their treat as we walked around the Arboretum this morning. Sarah Claire was a doll baby of course and the pink dress was oh so twirly!

I am still having the most fun with my oh so sweet children this summer...big things are happening at the end of the are going to Grandparent camp and Matt and I are setting out on a 10th wedding anniversary adventure!
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

new kids on the block...

My neighbor and friend Steffany had her twin boys about 3 weeks ago. Benjamin and Jackson are the cutest, tiniest little things I've seen. It's been so fun to be a part of their lives thus far. Molly is loving being a big sis. I was super excited to get to take some shots of them this was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I took about 400 pictures in about an hour...of those about 20 are pretty good...these are some of my faves.

Ben and Jack...welcome to the block sweet boys!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

girls in the gator...

...keys in the ignition.

...not sure what's next.

...say cheese Abby!

...good horn honking Sarah Claire!
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Monday, June 20, 2011

then and now...

Asheboro Zoo, June 2010

Asheboro Zoo, June 2011

We took a Father's day trip to the zoo requested it! Both of these pics are taken in the Aviary, Ollie's favorite spot in the whole zoo! SC loved every minute of it! Ollie soaked it all in too and gave us many facts that he had learned throughout the day!
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home grown...

...tomatoes, cukes and zinnias a-plenty around these parts! mmm-mmm, summertime good!

I've got a handful of new recipes I'm trying out this summer...stay tuned for a few "What's Cooking" blog posts!
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Friday, June 17, 2011

school's out...part 2

I would by lying if I said it was an easy transition from 3rd grade teacher to stay at home mom. I also wouldn't be lying if I said that I really think that sometimes it is easier to be with 24 nine year olds all day rather than 2 very rambunctious siblings.

I've been very thankful to try and ease my way back into the swing of things of summertime Whitney...she's very different. I'm already praying and reflecting as to how I be more like this during the "other" part of the year. I know its only been 3 days. I've learned tons of things about my kids and am amazed at how much Sarah Claire is into full on toddler mode.

She and her brother love to draw and be creative, so we had a good time yesterday with our craft paper. Look at how she has her nose into her work...she also will stick out her tongue when she's very determined. I am pretty sure SC is going to give her big bro a run for his money this summer, she is or wants to be into every little thing he is. SO very curious. She has a bit of a strong will...always has...and Ollie is learning how to truly be a big brother both the good and bad. And I am learning how to parent siblings both with the love and the rivalry.

We've been to the pool almost every day, Ollie is taking swim lessons (a bit timid of them at this moment in time, hope that changes) and Sarah Claire will already jump off the side.
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school's out...part 1

My parents came into town last Friday to hang out and then watch the kids while I had teacher work days this week! It was fun having them around. Obviously Ollie and Sarah Claire loved every second of it!

My dad and Matt always have to work on projects. You can barely see it, but way back in the yard is a brand new Grandpa built, Matt assisted sand box under the play fort! It's been tons of fun these past few days.

What you might ask are they working on in this picture. Why some shade of course. It is about 150 degrees in our back yard without any shade most of the afternoon and evening. These guys pulled out our old sail boat shades and rigged up a contraption to help block the sun! The deck is looking good, almost done!
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Monday, June 6, 2011


Ok, no secret...I love taking pictures! Love the way it makes people feel when they say, "oooh I want a copy of that one!" Not sure if my hobby will ever turn into more than just that...a hobby. One of Matt's clients PhotoBiz...a photography website hosting company gave him a free site membership. So I've been playing around with it for a few days. Thought it would be fun to have a place to host some of my favorite shots...remember just a hobby!

You can check it out by stopping by here! Disclaimer this website is set up for the real deal photographer...bookings, calendar, testimonials etc. They only part I am using is the photo galleries. Enjoy!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

just because...

Sort of feels like this 4 year old gets less and less love on my blog these days! Ollie Hannam is truly growing into a little boy before our eyes. He still loves to play in the water, and tell stories and is really into "making collections" of things, like rocks or old screws from Matt's work. He continues to fall more into the roll of big brother, even had a moment of complete empathy and sadness for his little sister when she had to sit in time out the other night...ahem for throwing her food at dinner, :).

He is soooooooooo excited for summer vacation, counting down the days even more than I am. Almost every time Sarah Claire cries, he says, "she's just ready for summer vacation, Mommy." He is so very independent these days, he went to a cook out with me tonight, just us and it was so easy, just took the boy...we ate, we visited, both of us had a great time. He still likes to cuddle every once in a while and I will always give him band long as he asks for them. So very thankful for such a sweet gift of having such a incredible son!
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in the yard...

Remember this...a few weeks back???

Now take a look at the garden, it's borderline out of control!! Pulled the first 2 zucchini out today and counted about 20 tomatoes still growing. The sunflowers are almost higher than our fence! Wowie wow, wow! Special thanks to Grandma Phrona for the super fun octopus spray toy for endless summer fun.

And...Matt's almost finished with our new deck! Doesn't it look great?! So much fun going the yard!
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We headed to Rock Castle Gorge, VA last weekend for a night to go camping with our friends the Clarks. We are super excited that they are back from living in Uganda for 2 years! Here are the two little people in our families. Sarah Claire was born in March and David was born in June, almost one.

Ollie and Bryan are only 11 days apart in age. Here they are in time out, well actually only Ollie was but sweet Bryan sat with him!


The beautiful valley...

The boys running wild on the hill, man Ollie looks like a big kid!

Group shot...minus the kids! It was a fun time, we could have done with out the torrential down pour that took place on Friday night while we were in our tents and the lack of sleep of our kids, but all in all it was a pretty fun trip.
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