Friday, June 17, 2011

school's out...part 2

I would by lying if I said it was an easy transition from 3rd grade teacher to stay at home mom. I also wouldn't be lying if I said that I really think that sometimes it is easier to be with 24 nine year olds all day rather than 2 very rambunctious siblings.

I've been very thankful to try and ease my way back into the swing of things of summertime Whitney...she's very different. I'm already praying and reflecting as to how I be more like this during the "other" part of the year. I know its only been 3 days. I've learned tons of things about my kids and am amazed at how much Sarah Claire is into full on toddler mode.

She and her brother love to draw and be creative, so we had a good time yesterday with our craft paper. Look at how she has her nose into her work...she also will stick out her tongue when she's very determined. I am pretty sure SC is going to give her big bro a run for his money this summer, she is or wants to be into every little thing he is. SO very curious. She has a bit of a strong will...always has...and Ollie is learning how to truly be a big brother both the good and bad. And I am learning how to parent siblings both with the love and the rivalry.

We've been to the pool almost every day, Ollie is taking swim lessons (a bit timid of them at this moment in time, hope that changes) and Sarah Claire will already jump off the side.
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