Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To teethe or not to teethe, this is the question

Okay, so last week when my parents were here to visit my mom said she thought that Ollie was "teething." Hmm, I said he's only 4 months old. He was of the somewhat fussy nature when she was keeping him...I just kinda brushed it off to be more new people in my space kind of fussing. But upon further investigation, I think she might just be right. Here are his signs: drooling (yikes, a lot), chewing on anything, including my fingers any time they are near, slight rash around the mouth (that's probably from the drool) well and, sigh, fussiness. Ollie has been thus far a very content baby, so any change in his demeanor throws us off a bit. So what do you think, lets do another bloggers poll, when did your baby start teething? The internet machine says it can happen as early as 4 months...yay! I'd love any tips and or suggestions, :).

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day!!!

So today is Matt's 1st Father's day. Here are some things that I appreciate about him.He is handy, just take a look at this dream deck. We are so excited about enjoying this new part of our home this summer.
He's great at entertaining Ollie. Just look at those sweeties watching t.v. together, sorry mom, they may or may not be watching the Simpsons.
He's great at feeding Ollie, today he gave him his first bowl of rice cereal. Can you believe Ollie is 4 months old already. Umm, I think he liked it, he only gagged one time.
He does a great job helping out around the house, thanks to the Harkey's Roomba, this has become a lot easier. For real this thing works great, you just put it in a room, shut the door and let it clean.
He does a great job loving us! Matty, Ollie and I think you are the bestest dad ever. Here is a shout out to all the baby's daddys of the world...enjoy your day...kick back...relax, take the day off you deserve it.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Schools out for...SUMMER!

Whew, I made it! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've got to admit it is no easy task working a full time job and coming home and starting your second full time job. The good news is Ollie did great with all his new aunts (our sweet friends) and cousins. His grandma from Virginia spent the week with us this week, I'm pretty sure she taught him some Latin. My parents are on their way here to spend a few days with us. My dad will help Matt build our fabulous new deck and my mom will be on Ollie duty as I finish cleaning up my classroom next week.

It was hard going back to work, but I think I needed it. When you are with your sweet baby all the time, well I know with me I think I just try to control him or the situation too much. But this experience helped me to learn how to trust the Lord more, to lean on Him and know that He is taking care of my sweet Ollie. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

As for the Hannams, let the good times roll. We will be spending the next few months on the Water Weasel (as seen above), hanging out and drinking sweet tea on our new deck, you should come on by and sit a spell!