Wednesday, July 20, 2011

time with friends...

This summer one of the things I've been most grateful for is...time with friends. We've had lots of great hang out time with our good friends, the Loflins. We had a sleepover the other night and here is a pic of all the kids, around 6:30 am in the "big bed" as we call it. Please note that Abby already has on her shoes, that girl loves some shoes!

Matt and I got brave and took the kids (all 4 of them) to the pool. Here are the two cool dudes! They are about 14 months apart in age but you wouldn't really know it.

Scooba John!

The girls, discussing I am sure whether or not to share the mermaid doll baby. SC is getting some long hair these days!

Abby does a great job at "cheesing" for the camera! She is a blast, talks up a storm and loves being in the water.

Sarah Claire showing off her pink frilly bathing suit...all in all we had a great time! So thankful for time with friends!
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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ok, I've edited and narrowed down the some few hundred pics to my favorite 55 shots. You can view them here!!! I tried to upload to my blog but it's just not happening.

I wish I could have put captions for all of them as well, but if you have questions just let me know...we had such an incredible time. We rested and played and enjoyed being in each others company. We wondered why we waited so long to do an extended trip like this. We did several hikes over the week, most of the pictures are from those hikes. We saw some incredible wildlife...3 bears, a mule deer, wild horses, snakes, lizards, a really big bull. We walked on snow, stayed in 3 different locations and big the park was and how very long and curvy the park roads would be. We had no cell service for most of the time. We were amazed at how many non-Americans there were...all over. One day I heard more languages not in English than in English...weird!

Matt surprised me with a BEAUTIFUL diamond anniversary band!!!! We got to have our 10th anniversary dinner with Matt's sister Sarah and her man, Wes, by the river, steaks...yum! We drove about 400 miles in 8 days in our rented Sebring convertible and flew, oh a lot more!

We missed our kiddos like crazy, but recommend getting away without them! We are praying that this trip helped us to set the footprints for a 110 year long marriage! Happy Anniversary, Matty, may we always remember...ahh Yosemite!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

there and back...

Matt and I made it to Yosemite National Park and back! I've got tons of pictures and memories to share but in the meantime as I still process and savor, here is a picture of what we've been doing a lot of since we got back!
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