Sunday, November 21, 2010

this boy...

here are some recent Ollie stats just to keep you updated...

~He is learning his letters hard core...starting to sound things out...just a teensy bit. Please note I tried to teach him these this past summer and he just wasn't ready...but he is now, they are all about it in his class at school!

~He is learning to be inquisitive and empathetic and can read between the lines: conversation the other day:
me: Hey Olls does your throat hurt a little?
olls: No, yours does Mommy?
me: yeah buddy
olls: I'm sorry, Mommy.

~He is super tall still, he's grown a whole inch according to our May and November markings on the door frame at our new house. His 4T pants are almost too short, should have gotten 5's I guess.

~He is super excited about any and every little thing these days...gets that from his Mommy. We're headed to the Mtns for Thanksgiving with my family and he wants to eat literally on the side of the mountain.

~He is still a super sweet brother, although he has had to sit in time out a few times recently for being too "rough" with SC. It was bound to happen.

~He has a wicked cowlic (sp.)...might have to start going uber short at the barber.

~He is turning into a boy...right before our eyes!

Happy Thanksgiving week!
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A hiking we will go...

Last Sunday we hit the trails and "hiked" a little around lake Brandt. SC's first time in the hiking backpack...she loved it...fell asleep in it...and then fell out of it...yikes...but she's ok. Olls had a great time finding sticks and such, throwing things into the lake. He got a bit tired of walking by the end, but overall did a great job! What a beautiful day!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

school picture day...

Last Wednesday was school picture day for the kiddos. Of course I had to snap a few shots of the kids in their fresh, fabulous fall outfits. This girl is just growing up too fast, 8 months old now!
The boys and their cute!
Ollie was not feeling the photo shoot at 6:40 am, I can't wait to see how their pics turned out...they took them together and separate...of course!
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

a pirate and a princess...

Not sure what they were looking at...had to snap the shot while they both were sitting. SC was originally going to be a bear "Sarah Bear" but it was warm that afternoon and her costume was very fluffy, so we had a costume switch at the last moment. Maybe she'll be a Christmas bear!!

Halloween 2010 was a really fun event for our family. We had a neighborhood party with games, pizza, candy and of course trick or treating. Sarah Claire was the smallest baby at the party although there are many babies yet to arrive...we are so glad to live in an area with so many fun families!!! Can you figure out what Matt was???
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

catching up...part 2

Not sure what we were thinking planning back to back weekends of family visits but...we headed to Charleston this past weekend to visit my fam. It was a fun trip a short trip...the best and favorite part was our trip downtown to the battery for picnic and play time. Charleston is such a gorgeous place to visit.
Christmas card picture outake???
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Chompy the pumpkin!

Please note: Ollie was the creative mastermind behind our pumpkin carving this year!
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catching up...

2 weeks, 247 photos snapped...not counting the 100+ I deleted already...we've been a busy family.

First, two weekends ago we headed up north to visit Grandma Cheryl and Granpa Hank for a night. Ollie tried his hand in many things for the first time...he loves being at this place!
Highlights: jumping over horse jumps, watching geese with Gma, retrieving Daddy's arrows, playing in the rock pile, playing (for the 1st time) in the hay loft, tractor rides and just having fun.
This girl was there, but for some reason she wasn't in many of the pics. Can't wait to see how Sarah Claire learns to love being at this special place! Check out her 4 teeth!
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