Saturday, January 31, 2009


We are smack dab in the middle of our poetry unit in 2nd grade writer's workshop. I'm not normally poetic and don't get excited the next few lines will never make in a poetry anthem, but they are nonetheless simple and somewhat inspired.

lazy days
flip flops
playing outside
walks in the woods
needing a reason to get a pedicure

In the Hannam house we've been smack dab in the middle of a very different season, one which I am thankful we are working through. I love the season of winter, I am like a child everytime calls for the slightest bit of snow flurries, but this year something is different, I am ready for a change, for a new beginning, to embrace life and love for all that it has in it.

"But blessed is the man who trusts me, God, the woman who sticks with God. They're like trees replanted in Eden, putting down roots near the rivers-Never a worry through the hottest of summers, never dropping a leaf, serene and calm through droughts, bearing fresh fruit every season." Jeremiah 17:7-8 The Message
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hair ye, Hair ye!!!

Ollie here, my mom wants to tell you about what she does to me almost every Sunday afternoon around here.
Yes, you heard him right, almost every weekend I trim my boys lovely locks. It seems hard to believe because he has so much of it. I even pull it out between my fingers like they do at fancy salons and snip, snip, snip. I think he likes might be wondering how do I get him to sit still for this...three things make this possible.
A Dora sucker, well any will do, but these are big and last a while, an episode of Backyardigans on the laptop and fast hands!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

little guy...big heart

My little man will finally turn 2 in about a month, people all the time think he's three already, it's hard to explain that he's not even two yet, he's just so darn lengthy! Ollie talks all the time these days. Here are two conversations that occured in the past week that I've deemed "blogworthy."

I'm sitting on the floor the other day, Ollie runs over and hugs me.
"Mommy", he says.
"Yes, Ollie", I say.
"I lub you! "He says.
Melted my heart, we say we love each other all the time, but it is always prompted by, tell daddy you love him.

Two days later...
Matt walks in the door coming home from work.
Ollie says "Daddy's home"...runs to meet him.
Then he said, again without prompting, "Miss you Daddy!"

Oh, Ollister, the joy you bring to us, we love you!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sn-O-w day!!!

Hi, it's Ollie, it's an O-day or something mommy keeps saying. I like this stuff I tell you! I'm gonna go on a snow walk.
Here are some of the highlights from our trip. Brr, it was cold and I didn't like it when my gloves fell off. Mommy tried to build a snowman, but I thought it was more fun to stomp on that thing.
Bye, see ya later!!!
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me...take 2!

One of the blogs I check daily, MckMama and all 4 of her charming kids hosts this fun game every Monday and since I'm off today I thought I had a minute to play along. So here goes...

I did not attempt to sort Ollie's books into two categories on Saturday while cleaning his room: fiction and non-fiction, nope I didn't do that.

I also did not on more than one occasion tell my friends in 2nd grade that something they did was "yucky, " nope my worlds don't collide at all do they???

I have not been doing a snow dance all day long, nope not me, that would mean I didn't want to work tomorrow after already having today off.

I absolutely did not buy a pregnancy test this weekend at Target, nope did not.

And, I did not find a chicken nugget in Ollie's bed this morning, nope sure didn't.

Hmmmm, people truth be of these is not true, but it is up to you to wonder which one is! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aye, Eye, Aye

Ollie VS. Mr. Stick....Mr. Stick won!

As we jumped out of the car on Friday afternoon, Ollie ran over to his favorite spot in our yard, the spot where the wild things are or the spot where you can't tell what is a tree and what is a bush. Anyways, he tripped and one of the tree limbs jumped right into his face. He cried, a lot...he doesn't cry mind you (well when he's hurt, when throwing a fit, different story.) It bled, a lot, I thought we might be going to get our first stitches, but I got it to stop bleeding and with the help of our icy friend, boo boo bunny all is well. I am just so thankful it didn't get his eye, man can't even go there.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the faces...

...of my day (well the 7:30-3:00 part.)

...and then these sweet little cheeks greet me every afternoon, love me some Ollie smooches on those guys!

On a photography side note, I am trying/learning to take all my pictures in manual mode, it's been hard and fun, so please be patient with the slight blurr, I love my new camera!
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome Aboard...

...the Wiley Shiner or Shiner for short.
Come on in for a tour of our home away from home docked on Smith Creek in Oriental, NC. This is where we sleep, we potty, we make snacks and watch what daddy is doing. The Shiner is an Erickson 27', it sleeps 5 people supposedly, but you'd have to be tight friends to snuggle that close. It has a sink and some really nice cushions thanks to Matt's mom.
Oriental is the sailing capital of North Carolina. Time slows down here, not only for the people who live here, but also for the people who visit. The dogs roam free, the Bean is brewing, the kayaks are ready, the dragon is peering, the people are friendly and worn out souls find rest.
And Ollie's have a blast...well most of the time that is! Come on down with us sometime, you won't regret it.
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ollie here...Guess What?
I got a new tent from Grandma and Grandpa, and a new hiking back pack, thanks Grandma and Grandpa! Come go camping with me real soon!
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Argyle and Mr. Potato

Today was Daddy/Ollie Twinsie day, well aren't they cute in their matching argyle sweaters. I had to snap a few pics of my two favorite boys playing with the mega Mr. Potato head that Ollie got for Christmas. Shhh... this is the closest thing we have to barbies, and boy do we love to accessorize our potatoes and our daddy.
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Friday, January 2, 2009

living loved

"So what do I do now? 'What you are already doing, Mack (Whitney, insert your name here,) learning to LIVE LOVED." -Spoken from the character of Jesus, in the book The Shack, written by W. Paul Young.

Welcome to day 2 of 2009. I don't really do resolutions but I am striving to make some changes this year. I am just finishing The Shack
our church read it earlier in the year and well, better late than never. As mentioned a few days ago I decided I wanted to live my life differently and figure out why and who I am besides being a wife, daughter, mom, 2nd grade teacher, I started seeing a counselor to help me sort through this process. I cannot tell you in words what a great experience this has been for me. I have to say that I was super prideful about going, me need help yeah right?! I've just learned so much about myself...about the way I respond (in all situations), about the way I love (both give it and desire to receive it,) about the way I parent, about the way I deal (or don't) deal with conflict. I'm not going to go into to all the details on my blog, but I will in person if you want. BUT a theme that has kept coming up through all of this experience is that I simply want loved. Stop for a second and take that in. I am loved by so many people, but that's the thing for a long while I've been sort of numb to this desire to simply want to be living a life loved.

Here's an insert from my journal which describes my heart: I am an open book, I choose to question, to ponder, to encourage, to listen, to sit, to choose to be alone (I am never alone,) to feel, to hurt, to forgive, to live.

So, this year at Adventures of Mommyhood, I'd like to invite you on my journey to live a life loved.

"The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that YOU may have life and life to the full." John 10:10
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

A year in pictures...well some of them!
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