Friday, January 2, 2009

living loved

"So what do I do now? 'What you are already doing, Mack (Whitney, insert your name here,) learning to LIVE LOVED." -Spoken from the character of Jesus, in the book The Shack, written by W. Paul Young.

Welcome to day 2 of 2009. I don't really do resolutions but I am striving to make some changes this year. I am just finishing The Shack
our church read it earlier in the year and well, better late than never. As mentioned a few days ago I decided I wanted to live my life differently and figure out why and who I am besides being a wife, daughter, mom, 2nd grade teacher, I started seeing a counselor to help me sort through this process. I cannot tell you in words what a great experience this has been for me. I have to say that I was super prideful about going, me need help yeah right?! I've just learned so much about myself...about the way I respond (in all situations), about the way I love (both give it and desire to receive it,) about the way I parent, about the way I deal (or don't) deal with conflict. I'm not going to go into to all the details on my blog, but I will in person if you want. BUT a theme that has kept coming up through all of this experience is that I simply want loved. Stop for a second and take that in. I am loved by so many people, but that's the thing for a long while I've been sort of numb to this desire to simply want to be living a life loved.

Here's an insert from my journal which describes my heart: I am an open book, I choose to question, to ponder, to encourage, to listen, to sit, to choose to be alone (I am never alone,) to feel, to hurt, to forgive, to live.

So, this year at Adventures of Mommyhood, I'd like to invite you on my journey to live a life loved.

"The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that YOU may have life and life to the full." John 10:10
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Mom said...

It has taken me a while to ponder your living loved. But I agree, it is the best that life has to offer. To be free of pretense, to enjoy people for who they really are and not who you either thought they were or who you wish they were. This is how Jesus has always loved us. He knows our heart and He loves us despite that or because of that or just because He is Jesus and His love has no conditions. So you are indeed free and isn't it great to experience this freedom at your young age. You have the rest of your life and all of eternity to be living loved and know that it is really the only true form of love. Happy 2009 to you.