Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me...take 2!

One of the blogs I check daily, MckMama and all 4 of her charming kids hosts this fun game every Monday and since I'm off today I thought I had a minute to play along. So here goes...

I did not attempt to sort Ollie's books into two categories on Saturday while cleaning his room: fiction and non-fiction, nope I didn't do that.

I also did not on more than one occasion tell my friends in 2nd grade that something they did was "yucky, " nope my worlds don't collide at all do they???

I have not been doing a snow dance all day long, nope not me, that would mean I didn't want to work tomorrow after already having today off.

I absolutely did not buy a pregnancy test this weekend at Target, nope did not.

And, I did not find a chicken nugget in Ollie's bed this morning, nope sure didn't.

Hmmmm, people truth be of these is not true, but it is up to you to wonder which one is! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!


Amy Sasser said...

Glad to know which one is true!! :) Hope you have another day home tomorrow!

Wayne said...

Yucki is a great word I use it all the time. Great not me monday.

BlogBaby said...

Chicken Nugget in the bed! Yikes!

Very cute!


Anonymous said...

I think using the word yucky is a sign of genius!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I am doing a snow dance too tonight. I teach pre-school, so I would love a day off tomorrow!
Ollie was saving that chicken nugget for a hunger attack in the night. Take care.
Love & blessings!
PS It will be yukky tomorrow if we have to go to school.