Friday, January 23, 2009

little guy...big heart

My little man will finally turn 2 in about a month, people all the time think he's three already, it's hard to explain that he's not even two yet, he's just so darn lengthy! Ollie talks all the time these days. Here are two conversations that occured in the past week that I've deemed "blogworthy."

I'm sitting on the floor the other day, Ollie runs over and hugs me.
"Mommy", he says.
"Yes, Ollie", I say.
"I lub you! "He says.
Melted my heart, we say we love each other all the time, but it is always prompted by, tell daddy you love him.

Two days later...
Matt walks in the door coming home from work.
Ollie says "Daddy's home"...runs to meet him.
Then he said, again without prompting, "Miss you Daddy!"

Oh, Ollister, the joy you bring to us, we love you!
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Laura said...

You have one of the best kids on this earth!

Atkinson said...

that is so sweet..what a precious little boy.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture and the sentiments with it. Ollie is so special to all of us and he is very thoughtful and loving. Thank our Lord for Him blessing all of us with wonderful parents for Ollie and for the gift of fun and laughter in his sweet little voice.
Mom in C.

Sarah said...

I love the picture! The light is just perfect. We feel the same way about our Chasers that you guys do about Ollie. It's been the best time our lives so far!