Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh, those little ears

We were back at the doctor today, Dr. Keiffer loves to see us by now. We started going to see her on November 17 for a possible ear infection and since then we've been back 5 times. Today was just an ear check, but Ollie's left ear is still infected. We've exhausted all of the anti-biotic options, so today we started 3 days of anti-biotic shots... bringing out the big guns. We also received a referral to an ENT, which Matt and I are relieved about because hopefully they will be able to tell us what is going on with those darn estation tubes.

I've learned some things about Ollie in the midst of 4 ear infections...he is still so sweet and fun even when he doesn't feel good. He also has thrown up at night every time before being diagnosed with another infection. He likes to snuggle when his ears hurt real bad. He is learning perseverance as early as 10 months. Today I am thankful for my job which provides me great insurance and thankful that it will get better.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baltimore and back...

Matt and I gave each other a gift of presence this Christmas. On Wednesday we went to Baltimore for three days, we wanted to go to New York, but it just didn't work out, so we thought this would be a good compromise. We had a great time being together, don't get me wrong we missed our little honey bunches of oats, but getting away with my sweetie was just what Santa ordered.
I like to call this "Lunch in Black and White!"
We actually stayed in Fells Point which is one of the little sections within Baltimore. It was so cute and quaint and the hotel we stayed in "Admiral Fell Inn" was just delightful. We parked the car on Wednesday when we got there and didn't take it out of the parking garage until we were ready to go.
So we came back on Friday night really late and on Saturday I cashed in on my other favorite present....the gift of ease. I've always wanted to try one of those places where you go and fix the food and have meals ready and waiting for you in the freezer, but I was skeptical. Two weeks ago a new place Entree Vous came and brought the whole staff at Hunter lunch. They brought three different selections and everything was delicious. So on Saturday I went and picked up 6 meals for what I think is a steal, call me if you want to talk details. Last night and tonight we have been enjoying the greek meatloaf, YUM, which is a marriage of one of Matt's favorite things meatloaf and one of my favorite things...feta cheese! I'll update you on how we've enjoyed the rest of our meals...why didn't I do this a long time ago?! Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Friends!

This is how I feel about Christmas...wahooo!
Here's the Hannam Trio after the Christmas eve service at our church, Olls looks a little worn out. This was our first Christmas in Greensboro, we're glad to be at home.
Ollie got a cool John Deere shirt and a radio flyer push cart and a million other things for Christmas.
This is a look of sheer delight, we hope that you are enjoying your family and friends today, I know we are. Matt and I are headed off to Baltimore tomorrow for a little R an R, grandma and grandaddy are in charge!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ollister !!!

So I came to the conclusion this past weekend that I probably do not post nearly enough pictures of Ollie on my website. I know how it is, you people love Matt and I but the truth is, it is all about the kid, :). So here is the Ollie 411 and some cute pics.Here is one of Ollie's newest tricks, standing up in his crib, well he pretty much crawls and pulls and stands up on just about anything. He is a boy on the go...we are officially in baby proofing mode on Efland Drive. Ollie has many nicknames, but the newest one is Wiley, whew, just last night he pulled his nightlight out of the wall and went to stick his finger in the times!
Ollie met Santa on Saturday in Oriental, NC, he didn't seem to be phased by this fella dressed in all red, but he thought his beard was fun to pull on.
People tell me all the time that Ollie looks just like me, well look at this photo, these are the two handsomest men I've ever seen. P.S. Ollie's eyes are turning green like his daddy's.
Ollie will be 10 months old on Christmas time flies, he's 30 inches tall, 20 lbs and so much fun. We love being his mommy and daddy!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The in between...

I had a few moments today to have a quiet time. Honestly, since Ollie has been born and going back to work, etc, etc., these moments have been too few and far between. I was reading from the "blue book," a book that has scripture and such about topics and today I read something that seemed to be screaming my number.

We keep praying that our illusions will fall away. God erodes them from many sides, hoping they will fall. But we often remain in what we call normalcy, "the way things are." Life becomes problem-solving, fixing, explaining, and taking sides with winners and losers. It can be pretty circular and even nonsensical existence.
Instead, we have to allow ourselves to be drawn into sacred space. All transformation takes place there. We have to move out of "business as usual" and remain on the "threshold," where we are betwixt and between. There, the old world is left behind, but we're not sure of the new one yet. That's a good space. Get there often and stay there as long as you can by whatever means possible. It's the realm where God can best get at us because we are out of the way. In sacred space the old world is able to fall apart, and the new world is able to be revealed. If we don't find time for this kind of space in our lives, we start idolizing normalcy. We end up believing it's the only reality and our lives shrivel. -Richard Bohr