Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh, those little ears

We were back at the doctor today, Dr. Keiffer loves to see us by now. We started going to see her on November 17 for a possible ear infection and since then we've been back 5 times. Today was just an ear check, but Ollie's left ear is still infected. We've exhausted all of the anti-biotic options, so today we started 3 days of anti-biotic shots... bringing out the big guns. We also received a referral to an ENT, which Matt and I are relieved about because hopefully they will be able to tell us what is going on with those darn estation tubes.

I've learned some things about Ollie in the midst of 4 ear infections...he is still so sweet and fun even when he doesn't feel good. He also has thrown up at night every time before being diagnosed with another infection. He likes to snuggle when his ears hurt real bad. He is learning perseverance as early as 10 months. Today I am thankful for my job which provides me great insurance and thankful that it will get better.

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melissa said...

sweet little baby. i hate it when they don't feel good. it's just so pitiful. you guys are doing great hanging in there. here's to a new year with less ear infections!