Monday, December 10, 2007

Ollister !!!

So I came to the conclusion this past weekend that I probably do not post nearly enough pictures of Ollie on my website. I know how it is, you people love Matt and I but the truth is, it is all about the kid, :). So here is the Ollie 411 and some cute pics.Here is one of Ollie's newest tricks, standing up in his crib, well he pretty much crawls and pulls and stands up on just about anything. He is a boy on the go...we are officially in baby proofing mode on Efland Drive. Ollie has many nicknames, but the newest one is Wiley, whew, just last night he pulled his nightlight out of the wall and went to stick his finger in the times!
Ollie met Santa on Saturday in Oriental, NC, he didn't seem to be phased by this fella dressed in all red, but he thought his beard was fun to pull on.
People tell me all the time that Ollie looks just like me, well look at this photo, these are the two handsomest men I've ever seen. P.S. Ollie's eyes are turning green like his daddy's.
Ollie will be 10 months old on Christmas time flies, he's 30 inches tall, 20 lbs and so much fun. We love being his mommy and daddy!


Matt Hannam said...

The best part about being Ollie is having Whitney as a mom.


Katie said...

He is so cute!
Ps. I leave on tuesday! and would love to get together and hang out with you... or if you need a night out with your man I can also hang out with ollie!
love ya

hannam said...

Is Ollie already hacking into his dad's accounts? Sweet. That's so Hannam.
Ok, so would Ollie rather have a body piercing kit or a lock picking kit for christmas? Tell him Auntie Sarah said it's Player's choice!

Kevin and Amy Sasser said...

Whit, fun to see you last night for a bit. But it has been way too long since I have seen sweet Ollie. Anna and Ollie need a playdate. She too is standing in her crib, well really anything she can pull herself up with. Kids on the move...surely changes your life!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Mommyhood does agree with you Whit. I am so proud of you and Matt. You are the best parents ever. We can't wait to spoil Ollie over the Christmas break. He looks so cute standing in his crib. I think he will be walking by Christmas. Maybe on Christmas day! I love you guys. Send more pictures.(Please!)
Grandma in C.