Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ollie started taking yoga at school a few weeks ago...here he is in the tree pose...nice job growing those branches buddy!
And the shark pose, you see the tail up in back and you can just make out the shark's fin on his back with his hands...so fun!
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boots, tu-tu and a kiss...

Cowboy boots...yard sale find from a neighbor down the street...he didn't take them off all weekend.
Tu-tu...I was feeling it, she however...had her first cold and wasn't really feeling the photo shoot, but she still is adorable.
A kiss from cowboy Ollie to Sarah Claire ballerina.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

on lake j...

We picked the marina at Lake Jeannette as our photo background because we wanted these photos to represent our new place we call home.
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my boy twin...

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family photos...

We had a family photo shoot about a month ago with Sara Davis. I've added some of the pics around my blog, hope you enjoy we sure have. She took some amazing pictures, I can't wait to place them around our new home. I know she would love to take your pictures as well and I know she's doing Christmas Card mini sessions pretty soon! So check out her website and hey if you got the time you can view all of the pics by finding our shoot under the clients tab.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

one more try...

old paint...
new and improved...
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

new house paint!!!

Old color...beige, shutters "country blue", door navy blue
New color...khaki, shutters black, door black...I think it would be fun to put one of those big rustic barn stars in red above the front door under the window...what do you think?

BTW...my super handy husband has been working hard on this project for about a month now, bringing the bucket truck home on weekends...so handy!

The fair!!!

This boy had a big weekend...it started with the YL sporting clays event on Friday afternoon, then on Saturday morning we went to the Snaketacular Day at the science center and then last night thanks to our neighbors we got to go to the fair for free! Here he is on his first ride...and you can see what's left of his snake that was painted on his face.
The fair was fun...this little one enjoyed it as well, she stayed up bright eyed until 8:30. Special shout out to my friend who most graciously gave us this outfit as well as two huge bags full of baby girl clothes for the fall/winter...we love hand me downs!
Some more highlights include...a boat ride, the carousel, shared a funnel cake (eaten way to fast to snap a pic) and I tried to win my boy a prize at the guess your age booth. I know I look super young...people never guess my age right, so I thought for sure I could fool this guy...he had to get it right within two years...and he guessed I was 30...only off by one year. I couldn't believe it!
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

getting it ready...

We're a working family...I'm not going to lie...it's been a tough adjustment getting up and getting 2 kids out the door...all by 6:45 am. So in order to make it easier, my brilliant husband suggested I spend some time on Sundays prepping for the week. So it takes about 1.5 hours to get our house in gear. I start by getting Ollie's lunch stuff organized, the baggies go in the fridge or in the pantry...for the whole week.
Then Sarah Claire's baby food gets sorted out...and the bottles, oh the many bottles, they get labled (color coded by day of the week,) and dated. Side note...she's a champ at taking the bottle now, thank goodness and has started drinking some milk out of a sippy cup at school!
Matt gets Ollie ready every morning...so he has 5 days worth of outfits downstairs on his dresser ready to go.
And I get the girl ready...silly band and all...j/k but she would look cute with one! Her clothes and diapers are ready to go on my dresser.

So far this plan has worked well...I'd love any other tips anyone might have to help this working family or if you know of a company that sells dinner cooking robots...well that would be awesome!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Holden Beach!

Smiles were all around this weekend as we slipped away for one more splash of summer 2010!
Sarah Claire got her first taste of sand at Holden Beach...she enjoyed the tidal pools as well!

So thankful we were able to get away with some friends for Labor Day...we rented a house on front beach! We ate yummy food, played fun games, took walks, collected shells, worked the summer reads, polished off our tans and just enjoyed being together.

Ollie had so much fun he tried to talk Matt into letting him stay...just 3 more weeks he said.

Missing the sand between my toes...but looking forward to a super fun fall!
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!!!!

6 months ago this GIRL...made her surprise appearance into the world!
What a day that was...we love you Sarah Bear!
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