Sunday, September 12, 2010

getting it ready...

We're a working family...I'm not going to's been a tough adjustment getting up and getting 2 kids out the door...all by 6:45 am. So in order to make it easier, my brilliant husband suggested I spend some time on Sundays prepping for the week. So it takes about 1.5 hours to get our house in gear. I start by getting Ollie's lunch stuff organized, the baggies go in the fridge or in the pantry...for the whole week.
Then Sarah Claire's baby food gets sorted out...and the bottles, oh the many bottles, they get labled (color coded by day of the week,) and dated. Side note...she's a champ at taking the bottle now, thank goodness and has started drinking some milk out of a sippy cup at school!
Matt gets Ollie ready every he has 5 days worth of outfits downstairs on his dresser ready to go.
And I get the girl ready...silly band and all...j/k but she would look cute with one! Her clothes and diapers are ready to go on my dresser.

So far this plan has worked well...I'd love any other tips anyone might have to help this working family or if you know of a company that sells dinner cooking robots...well that would be awesome!
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Melissa said...

hey girl, love your process. so organized!! i'm very impressed! miss you!

Matt Hannam said...

You're the best wife EVER.