Monday, January 31, 2011

Blue eyed beauty...

...she's eyed girl!
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cupcakes on a Thursday...

The boys decided to get their baking on last Thursday..."cupcakes, really?" I said...they were yum and they had a great time baking together. Don't you just love my sweetie in his "sweet" apron!
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

In the backyard...

The snow and ice are finally melting around here. The sun was warm and the brown grass was inviting this afternoon as the kiddos and I headed to the backyard for a snack. It is mostly fun to see these two together these days...the amount of "brother/ sister" interaction both good and bad is alive and well! He puts goldfish on her head, she reaches for his milk cup full of cow's milk, he gives her a kiss, she fusses when he takes the cup away. You get the picture, :).
But mostly she looks at him like this. So sweet.
Sweet until he does tricks like this...oh the joys!!!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


(Abby, 13 months and Sarah Claire, 10 months)

...well at least we hope they will be super duper friends for life!

Love the facial expressions and love how much of their big brothers I can see in each of their faces!
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Matt got me a Bower, SPD290 for Christmas...a sit on top flash if you will. I've been playing around with it's a bit tricky. These are some snaps from a play session in the foyer the other night. There was very minimal light in the the light that you see was from the any tips on this!! :)

Please note that SC is into everything her brother is into or doing now...he's having to learn patience with her new found freedom of movement and will power. Please note also that Ollie was drawing a space ship that had a shower and a bathroom and he plans on taking it to the moon one day!
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