Tuesday, June 29, 2010

to the zoo...

We headed to the Asheboro Zoo this past weekend...it was fun, hot fun!
Here are some of the pics I snapped, I had a super fun time following my family around using my zoom lens!
The view from the stroller of little sister...Ollie was about this little the first time we took him to the zoo.
This monkey had a super time!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

tales from the crib...

Inspired by these cute kiddos...I let Ollie climb into Sarah Claire's crib this morning! You would have thought I handed him a thousand gummies!
He wanted to HOOOOOLLLLDDDD her!
And sit her up and give her her stuffed animals. Side note about the pink blanket behind her, its mine! It's 31 years old, I had misplaced it in our attic about 9 years ago, we found it while unpacking! Yeah, she uses it during naptime, it makes me smile!
Here is a zoomed out pic of the oh so sweet bumper pad that Grandma made! I tell you what I love watching the way this little boy loves his sister, so much love! Happy Friday!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Craft time!

We've been doing some "craffing" as Ollie calls it these days of late! Yesterday I tackled a project with him I wanted to do last summer but oh so glad I waited until this summer...tie dye! We had a pack of his shirts leftover from a project he did at school and I grabbed a couple of light colored onesies and twisted, turned and banded away!
Please note this project was VERY messy, Ollie actually only helped me dye one shirt and then I sent him off on his merry way as I was terrified that our new kitchen floor was about to be dyed as well!
Here are a few of the finished products after sitting for about 5 hours wrapped in cling wrap...never heard of doing that but that's what the box said. We made a bunch, and the kit gave me two sets of dye so perhaps we'll dye some more later.
Here are the models this afternoon, mere moments before melting at naptime. Ollie was so excited to wear his today that he wore it basically damp straight out of the washing machine. So cute, I had fun dialing in on my love for crafts and craffing!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Blogage!

We had a super great Father's day weekend which included relaxing, playing outside, finding a pet frog, naming him Willie. Reading some books, being together, hanging out and I even attempted to make Matt's favorite dessert, cream brulee! We love our daddy!
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Thursday, June 17, 2010


enjoying some QT (quality time)...
with this QT (cutey)...
and her big brother too! She didn't smile until he came over. He was trying to sneak a bite of cookie in her hand.
Yes, she is starting to grab stuff and yes, both of my QT's have sweet, sweet smiles and I am sure will both love cookies!
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

What to do...

with this???

Yes, this is our lovely fireplace. Ooooh don't you just love it?! I have to admit the first 3 times I was in this house I was convinced that the lovely "farble" was just stickers on something much nicer. Alas, once we were in here for a few days I got down on the floor to discover that it is indeed real, hunter green marble!!!! YIKES!

So what do we do with this, we've got a few months until we need this bad boy as a backdrop for our Christmas card. Please help, any suggestions on covering it up, banging it out, replacing it etc. Oh and don't you love the shiny gold trim, yeah that's got to go as well!
Here's a zoomed out view with the few mantle decorations we've managed to unpack. The mantle I think is actually quite nice!
Oh and just for funsies, they decided to match the ceiling fan to the "farble!" This one much easier to fix! I can't wait to hear your ideas!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

School's out!!!!

School's out...well one more workday on Monday! Looking forward to kickin' it old school with these two little people!
SC is enamoured by her big bro these days!
Think she was thinking, whoa personal space dude!
My childhood prodigy photographer, Oliver, actually snapped this shot, not bad, eh? Well I cropped it a little but, still not bad!

Happy Friday...Happy Summer!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

the view...

...of our kitchen! Finally getting around to posting some pics of our new house...the inside. I love being in this room for some reason having more room in the kitchen makes cooking feel easier, not sure why but it does. I love our freezer on the bottom fridge, love the new oven and having a pantry is super fun as well!
SC showing off how nicely her bouncy seat looks on the new marble floor! We recycled a very similar color in our new kitchen, we just loved the old terracotta color!
The other view, it opens up to the eat in kitchen area, which opens to the living room, so nice to have everything all together! Come on over and I'll cook something up for ya!
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

future in laws...

Our sweet friends Thor and Joylynn came into town for a visit this weekend. They brought with them their new addition Pascal...so cute!
We joked that we should arrange the marriage of these two cheeky cuties, as they are only 6 weeks apart!
It was love at first sight...well almost!
Silly girly emotions...seriously though it sure would be fun! Miss you Razzes!
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

week in review...

We've just completed week 3 of living in our new house. The projects continue, this week it was replacing the kitchen floor, it took a bit longer than expected but looks amazing! Matt painted trim on the garage...a new concept for us, the garage that is. I planted flowers in the front yard and tomatoes and a pumpkin plant in the backyard.
Grandma Cheryl came down to hang out with miss Sarah Claire. SC finally decided to drink her bottles this week...she decided to be a bit strong willed about it when I went back to work 3 Mondays ago. They had a fun time hanging out, her A-dorable bedding got put in her crib, thank you Grandma! We're finally getting this sweet thing her pink girly room. Hard to believe she's 3 months old already, she seems to enjoy sucking on her hand these days, blowing bubbles, sticking out her tongue and is a pro at saying the word "a-goo".
Grandma brought a surprise for Olls as well, a new big boy bike! He loves it!!!! And is getting pretty good at it, we went for a family cruise this evening. Matt commented how he couldn't believe we have a child who's big enough to ride a bike, whew!
Grandpa Hank came down on Thursday to hang for a day or so, think he enjoyed loving on those sweet cheeks. I think these two look a bit alike in this photo!

All in all a great week, we still feel so blessed to have a new home, we love the elbow room and are looking forward to enjoying the summer here and many more seasons to come. Speaking of summer...4 more days of school and let the good times roll!
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