Saturday, June 5, 2010

week in review...

We've just completed week 3 of living in our new house. The projects continue, this week it was replacing the kitchen floor, it took a bit longer than expected but looks amazing! Matt painted trim on the garage...a new concept for us, the garage that is. I planted flowers in the front yard and tomatoes and a pumpkin plant in the backyard.
Grandma Cheryl came down to hang out with miss Sarah Claire. SC finally decided to drink her bottles this week...she decided to be a bit strong willed about it when I went back to work 3 Mondays ago. They had a fun time hanging out, her A-dorable bedding got put in her crib, thank you Grandma! We're finally getting this sweet thing her pink girly room. Hard to believe she's 3 months old already, she seems to enjoy sucking on her hand these days, blowing bubbles, sticking out her tongue and is a pro at saying the word "a-goo".
Grandma brought a surprise for Olls as well, a new big boy bike! He loves it!!!! And is getting pretty good at it, we went for a family cruise this evening. Matt commented how he couldn't believe we have a child who's big enough to ride a bike, whew!
Grandpa Hank came down on Thursday to hang for a day or so, think he enjoyed loving on those sweet cheeks. I think these two look a bit alike in this photo!

All in all a great week, we still feel so blessed to have a new home, we love the elbow room and are looking forward to enjoying the summer here and many more seasons to come. Speaking of summer...4 more days of school and let the good times roll!
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