Thursday, June 24, 2010

Craft time!

We've been doing some "craffing" as Ollie calls it these days of late! Yesterday I tackled a project with him I wanted to do last summer but oh so glad I waited until this summer...tie dye! We had a pack of his shirts leftover from a project he did at school and I grabbed a couple of light colored onesies and twisted, turned and banded away!
Please note this project was VERY messy, Ollie actually only helped me dye one shirt and then I sent him off on his merry way as I was terrified that our new kitchen floor was about to be dyed as well!
Here are a few of the finished products after sitting for about 5 hours wrapped in cling wrap...never heard of doing that but that's what the box said. We made a bunch, and the kit gave me two sets of dye so perhaps we'll dye some more later.
Here are the models this afternoon, mere moments before melting at naptime. Ollie was so excited to wear his today that he wore it basically damp straight out of the washing machine. So cute, I had fun dialing in on my love for crafts and craffing!
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Joylynn said...

The pearl necklace is a great accessory;)