Sunday, June 13, 2010

What to do...

with this???

Yes, this is our lovely fireplace. Ooooh don't you just love it?! I have to admit the first 3 times I was in this house I was convinced that the lovely "farble" was just stickers on something much nicer. Alas, once we were in here for a few days I got down on the floor to discover that it is indeed real, hunter green marble!!!! YIKES!

So what do we do with this, we've got a few months until we need this bad boy as a backdrop for our Christmas card. Please help, any suggestions on covering it up, banging it out, replacing it etc. Oh and don't you love the shiny gold trim, yeah that's got to go as well!
Here's a zoomed out view with the few mantle decorations we've managed to unpack. The mantle I think is actually quite nice!
Oh and just for funsies, they decided to match the ceiling fan to the "farble!" This one much easier to fix! I can't wait to hear your ideas!
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Joylynn said...

Paint everything a great shade of red!!

Anonymous said...

Be thankful for what you have. Praise God.