Sunday, January 27, 2013

girl in the green dress...

It's been a while since I've had a photo session with this wee one, funny how winter kind of makes my camera hibernate a bit.  She just looked so darn cute in that green smocked ballerina dress that she was more than happy to "say cheese" after church today.  Can't believe this girl is on her way to turning 3...she is still into dancing and tutus and her brother Ollie and talks about Lilly and Sophia from school.  We are working daily on having a happy heart and listening to mommy and daddy, funny how it seems we never had to have these conversations with Ollie.  Matt and I are so incredibly blessed to live such a full life with both of our little sweeties!

sewing projects!!!

 One of my new year's resolutions was to start sewing a bit. Sew...(play on words) I've given it a shot, with a couple of things, mainly really easy projects from Pinterest.  Here are a few burp cloths I made to give away for presents.
 And I made these camera strap covers for belated Christmas gifts for two dear friends. Pretty cool huh!
And then there's this one, love this picture because SC's covering up the not so pretty part of this dress. I kind of went out on my own and tried to sew some cute fabric to an old stained tshirt. It didn't quite turn out how I thought it would, BUT she didn't mind and loved it.  Not sure anyone will be seeing it in public but hey at least I tried!  I also have made about 7 little 5 inch square boo boo packs out of a really cute fleece.  They are filled with rice to keep in the freezer or to microwave.  Next up is home made baby legs for another baby shower!


 We started playing basketball last Saturday at a local church.  #3 Ollie Hannam, seems to really enjoy it.
 Here he is waiting to play, his best buddy Conner is sitting to the right of him.
 That's right...on defense!
This one is a little blurry, but you can see the thumbs up he was giving us...he has just scored his first basket!! 2 points!! It felt like slow motion as we waited to see if the ball would go in!
The post game hand shake! Go Bears!

the January catch up...

I'm on a blogging update marathon tonight, so here goes! We had a couple inches of snow last weekend and got the day off on Friday to play and enjoy! What fun it was! The biggest difference between this year and last year (well last year we only got one snow) miss Sarah Claire loved every minute of it!