Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween...East Park style!

Whitney the good witch, Darth Vader, the red ninja and the pink princess had a blast this afternoon at their annual neighborhood Halloween shindig...there was even a plate of "finger sandwiches!" Tis the season!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Creeper Trail!!!

 This weekend we hit the high road on our bikes in Damascus, VA with some of our good friends.  Ollie and Conner had a blast!
 It was very chilly as we set off on our 17 mile (downhill) adventure, but we managed to have a good time. Sarah Claire even fell asleep for a couple of miles in the baby seat on my bike.
 Heather and can barely see the leaves in the back ground.
 Sweet SC giving Grant a hug.
 Love this one!
 And these two little sweeties, love the bridge in the background!
 Yay, a family photo...that's grass sticking up in the front, we had the camera on a rock by the creek on auto timer!

view from the inside...

Here is a quick view of the inside of SC's new room, she will have  two closets, one we'll probably end up using for storage, since we lost our attic.  And here is the big hole for the window.  Sounds like everything is on a stand still for a few days while we wait for some parts to come in! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today brought a glass of orange juice, some blue jeans, cute Halloween t-shirt and skirt, a HUGE opening at the back of our house...whew, and a little computing to end all the fun.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Monday's snaps... this is what our princess looks like at approximately 6:30 am, a wittle bit sleepy.
 Made this yummy salad after school today. It's a mixture of an asian slaw mix, ramen noodles, almonds and a ginger good, can't wait for lunch tomorrow!
Ollie in glasses...we found these this past weekend, he tried them on...and kept them on for a while.

 Remodel snaps...this is the new hallway (SC's old closet) that will lead to her new room (our old attic.)
 Part of the playroom wall came down today, to create a closet for the new office (SC's old bedroom.)
...the new closet.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

the girl, her brother and a box...

 Many, many, many apologies in not blogging, er, this month...not too much to report, so just found a few shots to share to document our comings and goings.  Here is SC a few weekends ago at Summerfield Park, she is still busting out the tutu/dance wear daily!!
 Where's Sarah Claire?
 And took this one tonight, a home made boat in the tub...made my Matt and Ollie of course!
 Worlds combining...we are starting a house project tomorrow, involving SC's room, so this weekend her bed got moved into Ollie's room.  Yes, our 2.7 year old still sleeps in a crib...she doesn't know she can get out...we love it, she loves works for us!  Hopefully this will be a fun time for them, being roomies...the bail out plan is moving her to the guest bedroom.
 Matt made this beautiful wooden "locker" box the past few weeks, finished it today for Ollie.  These pics don't do it justice, so pretty.
 It has an H engraved on the lid.
 They filled it with all his treasures tonight.
And then he locked it up, so very cool!

School is still going good for all of us and Matt's business is going good as well.  All in all we have much to be thankful for!

I am going to try and do and get back in the swing of snapping pictures this week, my goal is to take pictures every day and then blog about them, hopefully I can find the time and the right subjects, sounds fun to me!