Wednesday, July 29, 2009

beach bum

This past weekend we got to run away to our favorite spot on the eastern coast of N.C...well at least the Neuse River. We took Ollie to the beach in town, I use the term "beach" loosely as it is only about as wide as our house but nonetheless he had a blast and we were the only people enjoying the sunset on the waves. It was good to get away for some fun as a family!
Big things are happening around our house...Bravo Signs is moving to a new location in the next 2 weeks. We are moving to a totally awesome location on the corner of Benjamin Pkwy and Battleground. So our house is going to be full of a ton of family and friends coming into town to help with the preparation and then the big move. Exciting to come soon of all the fun!
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Stellan...

Hey friends, this little guy, Stellan, is not doing to hot again, he's been in SVT for about 3 days can check out the story at MckMama's blog. I know everyone has there own story and drama, but if you get a second I know this sweet family (which I don't know personally, just in blog world) would covet your prayers.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The newest pet member of the Hannam family...his name....well, "Fish" of course!

*** Edited Monday morning...we talked all weekend about "fish" and Ollie has decided his new name is now "Borlin" or "Borlen" however you spell that...guess he's connecting to his Russian (j/k) roots...nonetheless...we love it's originality...much better than "fish!"
Ollie has been doing some very small odd jobs or "chores" if you will around the house, to get some money for his piggy bank. And today I decided to let him spend his very own hard earned cash and buy himself a goldfish. It was 14 cents well spent! I had the bowl from a previous, RIP...finny, classroom pet so all we needed was some food and then the big splurge was the tropical paradise palm tree, a whopping $1.24 cents. We're hoping this will be a fun project for our little guy, if he doesn't "catch" him when were not looking. All I've heard all day is, "Mommy, I catch Fish, I catch Fish!"
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

this is...

what summer is all about...taking a nap with your best bud!
Okay well they didn't actually do any sleeping in the same bed, and we won't talk about the fact that Ollie pretty much lost it when I told him he had to go get in his bed. And don't be alarmed John said it was ok, Ollie could sleep with him.

But still, this is what summer is all about!
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Adventures...

Well, hello there! Ollie here...this morning after our trip to our favorite breakfast destination, we headed on a little hike near Lake Higgins.

Mommy and Daddy swung me. Daddy asked me to give him a ride. Then I asked him to give me a ride high in the sky on his shoulders. Then I just used my own legs and found a really cool stick.
Then when we found a really cool box turtle, I named him wormy of course. He was friendly and shy all at the same time, I wasn't quite ready to pick him up. It was a fun adventurous morning!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the story of us...part 5

Tuesdays have become my favorite day of the week because I get to share a few pieces of my heart. Today I'm going a little bit deeper than before as today's page I title: the reality of marriage.

If the truth were to be told...being married is hard. I mean you have to work to have a good marriage, you have to really work to have a great marriage.

Up until the past year I would probably say that our first year of marriage was the hardest. We were young when we tied the knot. I had just moved to a new town, with a new husband (well my only husband,) a new job, trying to meet new friends and on top of all of this I was still really young in my faith and Jesus still had a lot of healing to do in my heart. So putting all of that together it was a hard year, but we survived.

Then time passes, 7 years, one baby, new schools, new friends, starting a business, house projects, vacations, family drama, and yet still it felt at times like I was still walking a path in the dark at times (like the picture above.) My heart was hurting, in many ways our marriage was hurting. I mean don't get me wrong many times I asked Jesus to fix me, fix us, but that was the problem...I simply didn't know what needed to get fixed.

Many times my friends suggested I/we see a counselor. And I thought about it but more than anything it was a pride thing for me, me need help, naw, that's for weak people with major issues. Sigh. But things continued to get harder and I still felt stuck, so this past year back in November I took the first step. It was a hard step, but a step that rocked my world, my heart and marriage.

If you've ever been in counseling you know it's hard at first, you have to get all the junk on the! But I had it all out and this sweet counselor, who I know Jesus put in my life/ our lives helped Matt and I figure out where the holes in our hearts and to help us get to the place of true Healing. I know now that healing is a process and don't get me wrong there are days, moments, when we/ I still struggle, but now I have tools to help me make it through. And the best part is that now we have a friend who can help us when we get stuck again, and that is such a comforting feeling.

I say all this to say...if you have ever had that thought, " I should see a counselor, we should see a counselor, that might be helpful." Please get in touch with me, I truly believe that healing comes from Jesus, but sometimes we need an earthly vessel to help us along the journey!

I think this really was a small miracle for me, for us and it's just what they're chatting about today over at Chatting at the sky!
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

special visitor

Matt headed to the Outer Banks this weekend with his brother Ben. My mom decided to come up and hang out with us. We started the day yesterday at the Science Center, it's become one of Ollie's favorite places to hang out.
Ollie's enjoyed having his Grandma around, well and so have I.
It's a bit difficult to catch a good, still pic of this little dude these days. He is on the go, sometimes faster than I can keep up!
But every once in a while you catch a good one...I know it looks like he's posing for his JV volleyball picture but really he was "swimming" in the sand at the park, I just caught him on the up stroke.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

traditions '09...

...the dress (sorry for the cheezy face, it umm, didn't zip all the way but mostly.)
...the cake, mmm, delicious!
...the sweetie, thanks to our favorite Shelby, NC Debutante, Emily, we had a great evening out eating our favorite Japanese food at Kiha and then going to see the movie Hangover (it was a classy romantic comedy, actually it was really hilarious) at Brassfiled Cinema. Did you know movie tickets at Brassfield are only $4 now, what a deal!!! What a fun anniversary date night!
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the story of us...part 4

I've been inviting you into a few pages of our story, if you're catching up here are parts one, two and three. Today's page...the wedding!

8 years ago today, July 7, 2001 I woke up early, couldn't sleep too excited. I grew up in Hollywood, SC which sits right outside of Charleston, SC. I remember getting up and walking outside and sitting on my parents big Charleston style wrap around front porch, with my Bible and journal. As I sat I looked at the humongous tent that had taken over my parents front yard...we had our reception outside at their house...but I am jumping ahead. I read a little and thought...then ran inside and threw up. I am see Matt and I had decided long before we even said "I do" that divorce was not an option for us, so in reflection that Saturday morning forever felt like a really long time. So once the getting sick part was over, I felt a ton better and those emotions turned into a flurry of excitement and to do lists.

By this time my family was starting to stir and it was time to eat and then head off to get my hair done...our big event took place at 12:30 pm. So all the bridesmaids gathered at Hair Bears ( a child's hair salon...I was the receptionist there for a few years in high school, my first job) to get our hair and make up done. Then we headed over to the church, James Island Baptist Church.

We all got dressed the color palette for this big day was sort of a pastelly spring day (even though we got married on one of the hottest days of July that summer.) My bridesmaid dresses were periwinkle, as were about the majority of weddings back that summer season. We put on our glitter razzle dazzle powder, and ate a snack and then went out to take pictures. My dad came by to catch a sneak peak and I remember I teared up a bit, I had never seen him in a tux until that stunning! We had decided to take the majority of our pictures ahead of time, I know breaking tradition the bride did see the groom and vice versa (see pic above of us holding hands.) I loved doing it that way honestly, the photographer backed us up to each other and then counted to three and you see the sweet moment above we had. I was still quite nervous and seeing my best friend and soon to be husband calmed my nerves right down. It was important to do it like this because the reception was about 20 minutes away and we were having lunch at the reception, didn't want people to have to wait forever.

The stage was set, everyone in their places and my dad walked me down the isle to turn me over to Matt to no longer be a Lybrand but to now be a Hannam. The song "It's all about you" was being sung by two of our college friends. I love that song..."It's all about you...Jesus...and all this is for you...for your glory and your fame." That was (is) our prayer. Matt and I gazed at each other, said our vows, gave each other rings, said I do (you'll have to ask Matt about that moment one day) and kissed and headed out the door. It was beautiful and yet so simple.

The reception was fun, hot but fun. Our guests feasted on hamburgers, hot dogs, and bar b cue sandwiches, it was delicious, low budget and just our style. We walked around to meet and greet, took tons of pictures, ate some yummy cake, danced a little and just enjoyed being Matt and Whitney Hannam. I loved that day and am loving remembering that day, wouldn't it be fun if every year you could just transport back to your wedding if only for a few minutes. We do have two quirky traditions that we do every year...I try on my dress, umm not sure if it will fit this year, last year I couldn't really zip it and we always have a bite of our wedding cake. Yes you read this right, its the same cake today makes it 8 years old. Every year Matt unwraps about 75 layers of saran wrap and we have one tiny little bite and then wrap it up for the next year. Can't say it's as tasty as it was that day but it's those little things that make us who we are, Matt and Whitney.

I love you Matthew Oliver Hannam, Happy 8 years, baby!

I'm celebrating the gift of being married for 8 years today by linking up at Chatting at the Sky!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

the moon over oriental

Matt and I got to slip away this weekend for some much needed quality time to celebrate the 4th of July and our anniversary a bit early in our favorite spot...Oriental. It is so refreshing to be away with your sweetie for a few days, I highly recommend it. We sailed to New Bern on Friday and spent the night then headed back on Saturday for the Croaker Festival.
The moon was bright, the sun was warm and being away with my best friend is just what I needed.
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