Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the story of us...part 2

Matt's graduation from GWU 2000!

Last week I started letting you into a bit of our story. Today I continue with...the first kiss.

Matt and I had had our fair share of well not so healthy relationships prior to our relationship. In fact that is how I knew he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with because this one was so different, but I am jumping ahead here...back to the kiss.

So we decided because of our past "stuff" that we wanted to wait to kiss. So we snuggled and nuzzled a lot. We wanted to build the foundation of our relationship on words and not emotions. Prude you might think but it felt right for us and I really wasn't sure if we would ever kiss you know like until our wedding day maybe. Don't laugh there were people in our circle of friends in college who actually pulled this off.

On March 28, 2000, my 21st birthday (six months into our relationship,) we took part in some birthday festivities and then went over to our school's observatory. This was a place where we frequented, you could sit outside on a blanket and see the stars and constellations so clearly. It was a peaceful spot we frequented often back in those days. Matt kept getting closer and closer to me and I kept scooting away thinking, what is he doing, we're not kissing! But then he leaned in and managed to put a pop kiss on me. It was cute, sweet, innocent. I was still thinking no we're not doing this, sweetie.

So we headed back to my dorm room and as I was getting out of his car he asked me if we should try it again. Maybe it was emotions or the ability to throw the "rules" out the window or maybe it was Jesus but what took place after that was the most beautiful, warm, delicious kiss I have ever had in my life. I remember my head felt a little spinny afterwards, spinny in a good way. What a gift, what a memory!

Why am I writing these memories, certainly not to boast or compare...right after Ollie was born I was talking with one of my colleagues at school about how hard it had felt to connect with Matt since Ollie's appearance. She said, "Whitney, a day will come when you won't even be able to remember your life before your children." This is why I write, I don't want to forget, this stuff is too good!

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Dawn said...

beautiful... and you will remember these days before kids- and maybe cherish them all the more!

deb said...

if you were swept in by his kiss .. you can swirl in that through all the kid days and more

Anonymous said...

my hubby and i didn't kiss until we were engaged. totally worth the wait-- and I can still remember that spinny feeling-- almost ten years later!

melissa said...

sweet story, whit! i'm glad you linked up to em's!

Joylynn said...

I knew people in college too that made it to their wedding day without kissing! I was always very impressed at their restraint. Think on those beautiful memories -they're worth cherishing:)

Anonymous said...

Better be a biiiiiiiiigggggggggggg... diamond.

Whitney Hannam said...

I hate you atkinson. mh