Friday, June 26, 2009

Field Trip!!!

Yesterday Ollie and I went on a field trip with our best buddies, Kristen and John. First we stopped in Elon at Schmidt Park, I didn't take any pictures but this is the biggest playground I have ever seen in my life, so fun!! Then we headed over to City Park in Burlington, this park has so many fun things to do for little kiddos. We rode on the train a few times, and on the carousel. The boys rode on some miniature trucks and on the mini boats. The best part about this field trip is that it is so inexpensive, on a normal day the tickets are 75 cents but on Thursdays they are only 50 cents. We enjoyed ourselves so much and then found a shady spot for a picnic lunch. I know one little boy who would love to go back very soon!

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Kristen said...

i know a little boy who won't stop talking about it!