Tuesday, June 2, 2009

G is for garden

We planted a small garden this year. And it has been quite the family project. Ollie loves to help water it every night. I love to sit and pull the weeds, it's relaxing for me in some kind of non-thinking kind of way. Pretty soon we'll be able to have a first harvest. I can't wait to walk out in the yard and just grab a warm tomato for tomato sandwich, yum! The string beans are looking pretty good.
The lettuce is looking scrumptious.
The carrots are popping up.
And the garderners tasted their first bite of lettuce tonight. Growing a garden is toddler tested and family approved!
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Joylynn Rasmussen said...

I'm very impressed! Our garden is very sloooowwww in growing...

Kristen said...

good news.....when you want a salad, just go and tear off the leaves, leaving the root in....the leaves will grow back, and you'll have like an endless amount of lettuce....maybe even all summer! maybe you already knew that, though....my neighbor informed me of that one! happy harvesting! love you guys!

melissa said...

that's awesome! our yard is so shady that our plants have a really hard time making it. our beans next to yours look really wimpy! great job!