Saturday, May 30, 2009

sHE speaks...

Whit here, this post it feels as if has been a long time coming. You know sometimes it feels as if you're somewhere either by yourself or with someone and Jesus just shows up. I was reminded last week by my friend DP who was talking about taking kids on a Young Life backpacking trip...he asked us to pray b/c "when kids sit still, God has ways of just showing up." If I can be honest friends I have not been sitting very much lately.

Back to the part of about Jesus showing up. Last night a friend invited me over to her house to hang out for a bit. And to be honest once again I thought she might be the one who needed a pat on the back or encouraging word but as it turns out it was me who needed it.

I hesitate to write on "my" blog about certain things. But because I'm being honest goes... Matt and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now. When we tried for our little Olls about 3 years ago it was as if we just said...hey let's get pregnant and we did. This time around not so much. It's been an interesting journey, but my sweet friend Kristen reminded me last night once again although it felt like I was hearing for one of the first times, God is in control. She encouraged me not to worry because worry does nothing but draw us away from God. Man, did I need to hear that!!! Isn't it amazing when Jesus chooses to show up when you least expect it.

So instead of worrying I am choosing to trust in Lord with ALL my heart. And be thankful for the many blessings I have.

Like this wonderful man, who loves me in unbelievable ways.

And then this little sweetie who melts my heart more and more everyday.

ps...I am turning off the comment section on this post because I am still needing to sit and listen to what HE has to say...hope you understand.
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