Sunday, May 3, 2009

we're goin' to the boat, daddy!

We have to be careful these days when we tell Ollie places we are going as far as a time frame. He's starting to understand time you see , one of my favorite phrases he says is, we ____ in the morrow (tomorrow.) We told Ollie on Thursday we were going to go to the boat on Friday (Matty's choice to spend his birthday weekend, of course.) All we heard for the next 24 hours, "we're goin' to the boat, we go to Alden's house, mommy, daddy." Alden is the name of the little 3 year old who lives at the house where we keep the Shiner. Needless to say this little sailor LOVES going to the boat. I believe in some way it is his Selah as well, he cries less, if any, plays harder and sleeps better, slept until almost 8 this morning, not normal for us!

Don't you just love this shaggy eared dog, we run into him at the town's farmer's market on Saturday mornings, Ollie always stops to tell him hello and this time it looks as if ole Shaggy is listening.

This weekend was full of some things the same and some things different. We started Saturday off with a biscuit at the local joint, then headed off to the town's annual town yard sale extravaganza, about 70 homes participated, a first for us. We then took out our dinghy on Smith Creek for the first time, we had planned to get up early and head to Beaufort, NC for the night, but the small craft advisory stopped us. I dreamt of living in this blue house one day. Ollie tried his hand at sailing by himself in a few of the town's sailing school boats. We ate off of the new table Matt built for us. And we did get to go out today for a couple of hours, it was windy but warm and relaxing. The best part was being away with my two favorite sweeties.
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Mom in C. said...

Luv your new table. Looks like our Ollie is going to be a sailor for sure. He is so cute. Love the pics. I especially like the one of three of you. That is so sweet.
I like the blue house too. It would make a good B&B don't you think Whits? I like the dog. He is shaggy and cute. Hold these times close in your heart because before you know it, our little Ollie will be heading off to college to meet the girl of his dreams and moving off to who knows where. Make him go to college in NC and tell him he can only date girls who live in Charleston, SC. Wow, that would be fun. Love you guys.
Mom in C.