Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Class of 2029!

Tonight the Hannam trio ventured to our (sadly) very first Gardner-Webb Alumni event...a Grasshoppers game. It was a family fun bargain we couldn't quite pass up, all you can eat dinner plus the ticket in the YES! Weekly Party Deck section for $10! What a delicious deal!
This is little baseball fan seemed to love all the "noise" of the game, Hoo, Hoo he kept saying. And he shook what his momma gave him more than once!
So cute, so fun, I heart this warm weather! I also heart triple coupons...they're back starting tomorrow! Oh yeah, I also heart the Runnin' Bulldogs, Class of 2029, so crazy!
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Katie said...

HE IS so big!!!!! I can't get over how big he is getting!!!

Hope you are all doing well!!!

Grandma in C. said...

Is that Ollie not the cutest little guy you have ever seen? Yes he is! I just love him so much.
Please give him a give kiss from his Grandma in C. Give each other a big hug and kiss from me also.
I miss you guys so much. Wish I could just drop by and see you with a big plate of fresh shrimp and fresh corn. I love you all.
Grandma in C.