Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Las Vegas...the review!

So we headed to Vegas last week for a few days last week on my spring break. The adventures started as we were driving down Bryan Blvd toward the airport and the man from Ritz camera called and said MY LENS WAS BACK! My baby took one look in my eyes and knew what he HAD to do, so he whipped it around at the next intersection to head to Friendly Center and then back to Efland Dr. to get my camera. We made it to the airport in just enough time, actually our flight was a bit delayed so it all worked out. I was one happy traveler! We got to Vegas really late Wednesday night, ate Baja Fresh at 2:00 in the morning, hit up the slots one time and then called it a night. Our hotel room was pretty pimp, we got upgraded when we arrived which was a super added bonus. The next day Matt headed to the ISA Sign Expo '09, I hung out and then met him for lunch. We met back up for some r and r later that afternoon and into the night.
I enjoyed hanging by the pool, it was so relaxing and read most of a new book, Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult, it's a good read! We ate lobster tails one night and sushi the next. We saw loads of crazy stuff on the strip. We went in several different casinos, the MGM was probably our favorite, but we stayed in the Excalibur (pictured above.) We saw one man walk up to a roulette table and put down ten $100 bills on the table, to only lose it 2 minutes later. As if that wasn't crazy enough, he then did it all over again and won! I cannot fathom putting $2000 on the table just like that. Overall our impression of Vegas was pretty much this: Vegas=Myrtle Beach only on Ecstasy.
We got dressed up Friday night, my black boots made the trip!
I'm glad we went, it was great to do something different, BUT we were super excited to see this little guy when we got home and yes that is a pile of dirt/manure for our backyard garden.
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Anonymous said...

We always had a manure pile in the springtime at my house when I was a child and yes we played king of the mountain on the big pile of doo doo.

Anonymous said...

Its wrong to put a $1000 down and lose it? But you could win $100000000000 dollars. Im not saying ive done that. Mr. Anonymous