Sunday, April 26, 2009

30th Birthday Bash!

Last night my friend Kelly and I celebrated our 30th birthday's together. I've been 30 for about a month now and she will turn 30 in a couple of weeks. We ate, danced, sang, laughed, talked, took lots of pictures, but mainly just had fun being with friends. What a fabulous evening, boy do Charlie and Matt know how to throw a good party!
Special thanks to our friend the Smiths for hosting this glorious event! Millie made this stunning cake herself with a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry layer, it was A-Maz-ing!!!
Here I am with Kelly the other birthday girl, here's to birthdays, here's to friends, thanks for making me feel so special!
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Cheryl said...

What Fun - HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITNEY & KELLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt & Charlie GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours is tomorrow! I remember! I was there! Love, mom

Mom in C. said...

What a wonderful bd you girls had. You certainly don't look 30! More like 20. Do you have anything to tell us. Or does what went on in Vegas stay in Vegas. That little top seems to speak "mommy" or am I just wishing? Anyways you are a beautiful woman in every way. The love in your heart shines brightly on your face. Keep those birthday memories in your heart forever. You and Kelly will look back and have lots of fond memories.
Love to you,
Mom in C.

kelly said...

it was so fun, whit! i'm glad i got to celebrate with you!

Atkinson said...

looks like you all had a great time! so sorry that i had to miss it...hope you had tons of fun!