Saturday, May 30, 2009

sHE speaks...

Whit here, this post it feels as if has been a long time coming. You know sometimes it feels as if you're somewhere either by yourself or with someone and Jesus just shows up. I was reminded last week by my friend DP who was talking about taking kids on a Young Life backpacking trip...he asked us to pray b/c "when kids sit still, God has ways of just showing up." If I can be honest friends I have not been sitting very much lately.

Back to the part of about Jesus showing up. Last night a friend invited me over to her house to hang out for a bit. And to be honest once again I thought she might be the one who needed a pat on the back or encouraging word but as it turns out it was me who needed it.

I hesitate to write on "my" blog about certain things. But because I'm being honest goes... Matt and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now. When we tried for our little Olls about 3 years ago it was as if we just said...hey let's get pregnant and we did. This time around not so much. It's been an interesting journey, but my sweet friend Kristen reminded me last night once again although it felt like I was hearing for one of the first times, God is in control. She encouraged me not to worry because worry does nothing but draw us away from God. Man, did I need to hear that!!! Isn't it amazing when Jesus chooses to show up when you least expect it.

So instead of worrying I am choosing to trust in Lord with ALL my heart. And be thankful for the many blessings I have.

Like this wonderful man, who loves me in unbelievable ways.

And then this little sweetie who melts my heart more and more everyday.

ps...I am turning off the comment section on this post because I am still needing to sit and listen to what HE has to say...hope you understand.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Ollie here...I had such a fun weekend, let me tell you all about it!
We went to Smith Mountain lake this weekend to celebrate my Memorial Day and my Grandma's birthday. It was so much fun. We ate lots of yummy food, my favorite was all the Cheetos. We went on pontoon boat ride, I tried fishing with Daddy for the first time. We painted pottery, sat on the back porch, played with my cars. We ate yummy birthday cake and mommy took lots of pictures. It was a great weekend.
Happy Birthday Grandma, I sure do love you!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

kids will be kids...

Today Mrs. Hannam's class got to go on a field trip to the Children's Museum. It was a special trip because someone at our school donated the entire trip which meant my kids had to pay nothing. I have to admit that I wasn't really that excited about it at first because all I know of the museum is from the eyes of the mommy of a 2 year old. But alas, the trip was free and it got us out of our uber quiet school that is smack dab in the middle of taking EOGs.

You know I've always wondered why it is that the particular kids that I teach have such a hard time with their imaginations, we are just finishing our fiction writing unit and it stopped some of my best writers in their tracks to create their own script if you will. But as we moved from room to room today at the museum I couldn't help but smile and reflect on what was taking place in front of me. It was innocence, joy, friendship. It was simply kids being kids. You would be saddened to know the backgrounds of some of the children I work with, and maybe even surprised to know that many of them when we share our favorite part of the weekend say all they did was watch tv all weekend in many ways they know little of innocence and joy.

I guess in my reflection today I was reminded for the sake of my own child to let him play, to be innocent, to let him create, to let him enjoy the little things whether they be age appropriate or not. I also was reminded of the value of joining him in his adventures, to help him create memories that will last a lifetime. And I have to say I am so looking forward to creating more of those memories real soon... 17 days when school gets out.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Manly Adventures

Ollie and I sure did miss this guy this weekend. Matt took some friends down south on the Intercoastal Waterway to Shackelford Banks (oustide of Beaufort, NC.)
It looks like they had fun!
There she is...The Shiner, the sky and the water are the same, pretty sweet.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

S is for Saturday and Science

Ollie and I headed over to the Natural Science Center this morning. It was so much fun, he is so curious about everything these days. These are some snaps of my budding scientist exploring away!
These are some the critters we saw, I think I might turn these into a book for him!
Then we bumped into another junior scientist, Mac and his mommy! It was a fun Saturday morning!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

random rambles...

good evening this random ramble is brought to by me and a House commercial break. matty and I check several websites daily, slickdeals (for the hottest deals,) towndock (to check in on O-town,) and the Woot (for one mega deal of the day.) when checking the Woot yesterday, we found a link to this site that sells all the above t-shirts for $6 each, these are just a few of my faves. please be advised if you are above 40 or get offended easily this site is probably not for you. enjoy, oh and you can get 10 for $50, anybody in?
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It's been a fun weekend around here, my boys sure do know how to love on me! I am so blessed to be called a MOMMY!
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

more tractor love

...guess we better start saving for a John Deere!
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Strawberry Pickin' 09

...jump into the past strawberry picking 2008, ate most of the berries he picked.
...picking so about the strawberries.
...more excited about this, my boy loves him a tractor!!!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

stepping in...

It's been a while since I've invited you into my everyday adventures of Mrs. Hannamhood. If you stepped into my classroom today two things would have probably jumped out at you. We've got 28 days left in the 2008-2009 school year, not that I'm counting, but yeah 28 days. Anyways today during math we're just working away on multiplication in it's simplest form (yes, I teach 2nd grade.) I went to the bathroom for a minute and when I came out all the kids in my small group were holding there noses. When I asked what happened one of my little girls said, "somebody take the fart, Mrs. Hannam." You have to understand 9 of my 15 kids claim English as their 2nd language, so sometimes things get lost in translation. Sometimes I just let these silly things go, but today I decided to run with it, "take the fart" I said, and then proceeded to ask all my kids if they took the fart, and then to make matters worse I suggested that maybe it was me that took the fart. One of my kids said, "well it did stink when you came out the bathroom." Needless to say we were all laughing so hard we were crying and to be honest it seemed to be just what we needed today...28 days to go.

Later in the day as we were packing up someone ran over and said so and so said "your such a white girl and she's a black girl," and then ran back. Sometimes I let stuff go, my kids "tattle" a ton. A few minutes later the two girls were at it again, this time I listened and was shocked at what I heard. I pulled both of them over, they are normally best friends but today the color of their skin had come between them. We've read a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr. this year, I spoke of him and asked the girls if they really meant the things that they said. They said no and looked each other in the face and apologized. I suggested that they hug it out and move on, but what happened next I will not quickly forget.

They...both...started sobbing. I mean sobbing and hugging and hugging and sobbing. It was true evidence of forgiveness in a real life 8 year old way. I may have 28 days left but my sweet friends are apparently still learning
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

we're goin' to the boat, daddy!

We have to be careful these days when we tell Ollie places we are going as far as a time frame. He's starting to understand time you see , one of my favorite phrases he says is, we ____ in the morrow (tomorrow.) We told Ollie on Thursday we were going to go to the boat on Friday (Matty's choice to spend his birthday weekend, of course.) All we heard for the next 24 hours, "we're goin' to the boat, we go to Alden's house, mommy, daddy." Alden is the name of the little 3 year old who lives at the house where we keep the Shiner. Needless to say this little sailor LOVES going to the boat. I believe in some way it is his Selah as well, he cries less, if any, plays harder and sleeps better, slept until almost 8 this morning, not normal for us!

Don't you just love this shaggy eared dog, we run into him at the town's farmer's market on Saturday mornings, Ollie always stops to tell him hello and this time it looks as if ole Shaggy is listening.

This weekend was full of some things the same and some things different. We started Saturday off with a biscuit at the local joint, then headed off to the town's annual town yard sale extravaganza, about 70 homes participated, a first for us. We then took out our dinghy on Smith Creek for the first time, we had planned to get up early and head to Beaufort, NC for the night, but the small craft advisory stopped us. I dreamt of living in this blue house one day. Ollie tried his hand at sailing by himself in a few of the town's sailing school boats. We ate off of the new table Matt built for us. And we did get to go out today for a couple of hours, it was windy but warm and relaxing. The best part was being away with my two favorite sweeties.
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