Monday, March 9, 2009


Often times in the psalms, the psalmists will place the word selah in the middle of their verses. Selah means to stop and think or to stop and praise. I like to think that selah can be a place...a place to ponder, stop, breathe, to praise. For us our selah is a little village named Oriental. We started heading down south to Oriental about 4 years ago as we brought the Water Weasel down on a trailer. And then about a year and half ago we officially made the move to dock the new boat, The Shiner, on Smith Creek, smack dab in the heart of the village.

When we are in Oriental and on the Shiner...we breathe deeper, we laugh harder, we smiler longer, we love better, we eat richer, we sleep sounder (well most of us) is our selah. Maybe your selah is the mountains, the beach, the lakeside, a trail or maybe just a comfy couch at Starbucks, whatever or wherever it is, I pray you have one. If you don't come on down and aboard with us next time, we'll share a little piece of our paradise with you!

Even when I have a case of the Mondays...I can still feel the warmth on my sun kissed cheeks...ahhh...selah!
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Mom in C. said...

What a beautiful post! May we all enjoy your "selah" one day.
You are the best Whit.

Love to all of you.

Laura said...

Aw precious! I enjoy all of your adventures as a mommy, wife, and oste.

P.S. for the record, I'm ready for baby #2 (even though I have no say in the decision) :)

gooddog said...

I LOVE that! I hope you guys are doing well and look forward to seeing you at the pool this summer. It iwll be here before we know it! -Heather Bland