Saturday, March 21, 2009

Farewell to friends...

About 8 years ago Matt was leading YL at Southeast high school and became good friends with John Clark. They hung out, shot things back in the woods of Southeast. John was dating Loren, we had them over to our house a few times back then. They were such a sweet couple. They both headed off to college still in love, we heard from then every now and then. Then they graduated and like us got married quickly after. Then they found out they were having a baby...we found out we were having a baby, both due weeks apart. On Feb. 14, 2007 Bryan was born, then 11 days later Ollie made his appearance into this world. It's been neat to share the same life experiences with our friends the Clarks...a trip to Charleston, camping, sharing a 1st birthday party and much more.

Last night we hugged all three of their necks for what might be a long while, for they are headed on the adventure of a life time...moving to Bundibugyo with World Harvest Misson. Their journey is for 2 years initially, but I have this feeling it might be longer. John will be working in agriculture to help get programs started that would better nutrition for the families they will be living and working with. And Loren will be working as a nurse in the local clinic...both of these somewhat part time so that they can share the roll of parents to sweet little Bryan.

As I sit here on my couch this morning I can't really get my mind around what it would be like to pack all of our "essentials" into 6 tupperware containers and head across the world. Switching my 2 year old to cloth diapers because where they are going they can't buy diapers, wow. But the Clarks are doing it, I honestly expected the look of sheer panic on their faces last night, but instead I was greeted with the look of sheer excitement...they...can't...wait! I know they would love for you to pray for them as they head off on this journey, one that involves a lot of traveling to get to their village beginning this Monday morning. I'm adding their blog to my side bar, so that you can, like us see into their world from afar. Farewell sweet friends...we'll see you soon!

On a very un-related side note, I appreciate all the sentiments about getting a tattoo for my b-day, I honestly haven't decided as of yet, 7 more days!!!
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