Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey baby...let's go to Vegas!

That's right in a few weeks during my spring break, my baby and I are headin' to Las Vegas!!! We'll be attending the International Sign Association Sign Expo or ISASE, if you will. Well my attendance will be mostly checked daily at the pool outside our hotel. We're staying at the enormous castle shaped hotel called the Excalibur. I'm so excited to hit the high skies with my sweetie for a few days while Ollsie kicks it with Grandma and Grandpa Horse (that's what he calls Matt's parents b/c they have horses, of course.) We've never been to Vegas and would love any and every tip you might have to make our trip fun and wallet friendly!


Kristin said...

Hey Whitney!

Have fun in Vegas! How exciting that you guys can get away for a few days!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Enjoy your trip to Vegas. I'm sorry, but I have never been there, so I don't have any tips. Have fun!!! Love & blessings, Melinda

Laura said...

Tip #1: It truly is the city that never sleeps so you must experience it :)

Tip #2: Take a TON of pictures!

Tip #3: Go to the M&M shop down towards the old Vegas Strip- it's awesome

Tip #4: There is a roller coaster in NY NY and its a lot of fun- therefore, you should ride it.

Tip #5: Have fun- there really is no way you can't have fun in Vegas :)

Atkinson said...

Have fun!! Don't spend too much money or get too much of a tan!!

Anonymous said...

Play craps for a few hours, get the free drinks, get snookered, get the tatoo, get working on baby number 2. Maybe not in that order.

I love Vegas...