Sunday, March 29, 2009

catching up...

This weekend I officially joined my sweetie in the 30 year old club, we're the same age every year from March 28-April 26, I eat this up usually, not really sure why it just feels good to be the same age. We decided to brave the gray clouds and head down to do a little partying on the Shiner. My parents drove up and joined in on the festivies as well, it was a fun time had by all, well mostly all, we can't always say cheese in pictures can we?!

Sorry for the lack of pics in general...very sad...long story which involves my brand new camera lense being at the Nikon repair center...moral of the story, playgrounds and nice cameras don't always go well together, thanks Matty, for getting the 2 year warranty!

As for the tattoo...maybe I got one and just can't take a picture of it...or maybe every time I mentally went to the I'm walking across the threshold of a tattoo parlor place in my mind I threw up in my mouth just a little...maybe I'll get one before I turn 31, who knows!

In other news...the word now my least favorite word in the American language.

And on a more serious note, I'm sure most of you have heard by now but one of the blogs I follow MckMama, her sweet boy Stellan is really sick and I know their family would appreciate any and every prayer for his healing.
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Grandma in C. said...

I loved every minute of the weekend. Ollie and I had so much fun. He is the greatest. The birthday girl was good too even without her added colors. Matt is a good Sailor and Grandaddy took us for a "wild" ride. Fun, fun, fun. Thanks a lot all of you.
Love ya,
Grandma in C. Selah!
PS Some nice lady thought Whitney was 22 on her BD, keep it up!

Joylynn said...

Happy belated birthday Whitney! Have you seen the movie "13 Going on 30?"

Emily Nixon said...

Hey Whit! Happy belated 30th birthday!!! Six more months and I'll be there with you...
"Mine" and "no" have become very popular in our household over the last 2 weeks as well...I really didn't want her to learn those, but what can you do???
Also, I've been praying for Stellan and reading her updates daily... It doesn't sound too good today, I hope he comes around...
Love ya, Emily