Saturday, June 20, 2009

first week in pics...

I cannot tell you how happy I've been having a few days off from work, summertime is good for the soul. Here are a few pics of what went on around our house this week. We played dress up by pulling out Ollie's Halloween ninja costume. He hi-yad around the house for a while...he is really getting into the pretend play fun!
We did practice our letters, as mentioned earlier that was a goal for the summer, ah-hem, not sure how that will work out but we're gonna give it our best shot!
I worked on a few projects around the house, one of which was making these lovely mason jar candle thingys. You can see them modeled here at night then well during the day. Our friends Millie and Justin have them on their back porch and I just think they are the cutest things. I put ours up to be more like a lighting source above our porch table.
And this will probably be one of my favorite projects for the summer. I successfully pulled off a Daddy/ Son twinsy outfit day. Now that Ollie and I get dressed after Matt leaves for work, the twinsy sky is the limit! All in all it has been a fun week. I am so incredibly thankful that I have a job where I get to take off work for 2 months, what a blessing for our family!

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Matt Hannam said...

I'm bringing two shirts to work every day to keep you from matching us.

Kristen said...

now all you need to pull it off perfectly is to get ollie a pair of glasses, and a stogie....i love it!