Friday, July 24, 2009


The newest pet member of the Hannam family...his name....well, "Fish" of course!

*** Edited Monday morning...we talked all weekend about "fish" and Ollie has decided his new name is now "Borlin" or "Borlen" however you spell that...guess he's connecting to his Russian (j/k) roots...nonetheless...we love it's originality...much better than "fish!"
Ollie has been doing some very small odd jobs or "chores" if you will around the house, to get some money for his piggy bank. And today I decided to let him spend his very own hard earned cash and buy himself a goldfish. It was 14 cents well spent! I had the bowl from a previous, RIP...finny, classroom pet so all we needed was some food and then the big splurge was the tropical paradise palm tree, a whopping $1.24 cents. We're hoping this will be a fun project for our little guy, if he doesn't "catch" him when were not looking. All I've heard all day is, "Mommy, I catch Fish, I catch Fish!"
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Atkinson said...

that's awesome! i have been thinking about getting mac a fish..maybe we will see how ollie does first:)