Saturday, July 11, 2009

special visitor

Matt headed to the Outer Banks this weekend with his brother Ben. My mom decided to come up and hang out with us. We started the day yesterday at the Science Center, it's become one of Ollie's favorite places to hang out.
Ollie's enjoyed having his Grandma around, well and so have I.
It's a bit difficult to catch a good, still pic of this little dude these days. He is on the go, sometimes faster than I can keep up!
But every once in a while you catch a good one...I know it looks like he's posing for his JV volleyball picture but really he was "swimming" in the sand at the park, I just caught him on the up stroke.
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melissa said...

that's great. i love that you know what he was really doing...even though to us it looks like he's posing perfectly! such a cute pic!

Mom in C. said...

HI Whit,
I am at the car wash. Wow! What a cute picture of Ollie. He is so adorable. That pic would win a prize. Thank you for a few day of life with you guys. Thank you for your honesty in your comments about your life. We all have those times, a lot of them over the years of 41 years of marriage. But I thank God for each and every day always. I would not have you and Wes nor Ollie and Matt otherwise. I love you. Mom