Sunday, June 6, 2010

future in laws...

Our sweet friends Thor and Joylynn came into town for a visit this weekend. They brought with them their new addition cute!
We joked that we should arrange the marriage of these two cheeky cuties, as they are only 6 weeks apart!
It was love at first sight...well almost!
Silly girly emotions...seriously though it sure would be fun! Miss you Razzes!
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Emily said...

So sweet! I'm so happy that you guys are getting settled in your new house - I know that will make life a little easier on you all.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I just saw that! It didn't give me a notification or anything...I'm still figuring the blog thing out - it's frustrating me greatly - especially adding pictures. How do you do it and then add text? Anyways, good to hear from you! Take care.

Mom in C. said...

He is adorable, but my Sarah Claire is marrying someone from Charleston, South Carolina. How is that for an arranged marriage?
Love ya,
Mom in C.