Sunday, May 30, 2010

the view...

...from our new back yard!

It's big, it's empty, there is not a single tree nor plant beside lush green grass. I've stocked up on sunscreen for these sunny and splashy adventures. This yard is just begging for a pick up game of soccer or flag football or a really cool swing set!
Yes the "boat pool" as we've been calling it was my idea, it's hot've got to improvise! Um, thinking that is part of the gutter.
So blue, so boy, so fun! Happy Memorial Day weekend!
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Sarah said...

What an awesome backyard. I sooo wish we had one that size for Chase! There isn't enough room when a boy needs to run!

Grandma in C. said...

Columbus sailed his backyard in 2010. He is the cutest little grandson I have. You never have to worry about him being bored. He will "make" things to do. It is a sign of extreme intelligence. He is just like you Whit and Matt.
Wow! Aren't we blessed. Have a great week and weekend. Love ya,
Mom in C.