Sunday, May 23, 2010

Catching up...

Whew...let's catch up a bit shall we...first of all I'd like to thank my husband and Time Warner Cable for getting Internet hooked up at the new house!

Ok, catching above of what we've been up to, Ollie at the South Carolina Aquarium, cute pic had to post, next Sarah Claire also at the aquarium, love the hair bow. Then back to Greensboro for Mother's day in the basement apt. and then my two sweeties hanging out on the playmat, one of SC's favorite places these days.
THEN...back to the good ole red couch in the new spot in the new house! I cannot begin to tell how exciting it is to be in our new home. I will post pics soon I honestly haven't had time to take that many. Seriously, we love our new home, it's crazy the amount of space we have, we can all be in the house and not know where one of us is, a new concept for us. I've lost my Rainbows numerous times, just leaving them in one room and not being sure of where they landed.

My parents were here to help with the move/ move in and my mom commented that it felt like Christmas with all the new appliances being dropped off and it surely has felt like that. I am pretty sure my fave is the new washer and dryer, it pretty much rocks my world, do you need any laundry done, bring it over it makes my heart happy to have clean clothes these days!

Ollie has a playroom that is super fun unfortunately he's a bit under the weather so he hasn't been that excited about it yet, but I know it will come. Matt and I are getting used to having a bathroom in our room, but mostly we just feel incredibly blessed to have this gift, a new home. We look forward to sharing the space with friends both young and old, so come on over and check it out!
Oh yeah, new house, new tricks, sweet baby girl is almost 3 months old already, can you believe it...she started hanging out in the bumbo seat a bit the past few days! What a cutie!
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Mom in C. said...

Well, She's a genuine cutie, just like her brother.
Send pictures of the house when you can.
Why no comments people?
Love ya,
Mom in C.