Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Bzzzz...sorry this blogger bee hasn't been blogging much lately! We actually haven't had Internet the past few weeks while staying at our friends house. This has been somewhat liberating but mainly really hard for me. Anyways...here is the update on the Hannams.
I went back to work yesterday, fun times! We bought our new house yesterday afternoon, so so fun! Matt carried me over the threshold into our new digs, well he carried Sarah Claire too but she gets carried over every threshold! My parents came into town also to help with baby care and unpacking/ many projects. So thankful for that!
First project of the day today...we're (we/the painter people) painting the whole entire inside...5 colors: Nomadic Desert, Quietude, Gleeful, Henna Shade and Krypton. This is going to make this very plain house have the beginnings of pizazz!
I am so super excited to unpack the two pods that are loaded jammed packed with all our earthly possessions and put everything in its new nook and cranny. But alas I am here at Hunter for the week, so unpacking will come this weekend! Speaking of...hear come the kiddos now!

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Mom in C. said...

Hi Whit,
As one of the "workerbees" on Lucas Park, I can tell you first hand - - it is beautiful! No words can describe how the colors Matt and Whitney picked out make this home come alive with boldness and at the same time warmth. Can't wait till Whit puts some photos on the blog for everyone.
We are so proud of Whitney and Matt and are thanking our Lord for the blessings He has bestowed on them and on Ollie and Sarah Claire.We did work our buns off, what between watching and loving the children to unpacking the two pods. It was so worth it. It was a real bonding experience for me and I just love them so much. They are very humble and very grateful for all these gifts. So get ready to see a home out of Southern Living.
Mom in C. Dad too!