Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aye, Eye, Aye

Ollie VS. Mr. Stick....Mr. Stick won!

As we jumped out of the car on Friday afternoon, Ollie ran over to his favorite spot in our yard, the spot where the wild things are or the spot where you can't tell what is a tree and what is a bush. Anyways, he tripped and one of the tree limbs jumped right into his face. He cried, a lot...he doesn't cry mind you (well when he's hurt, when throwing a fit, different story.) It bled, a lot, I thought we might be going to get our first stitches, but I got it to stop bleeding and with the help of our icy friend, boo boo bunny all is well. I am just so thankful it didn't get his eye, man can't even go there.
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Atkinson said...

that is a good war wound!! i am thankful it didn't catch his eye either...thankfully we have all had more "close calls" than more serious injuries!!