Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day!!!

So today is Matt's 1st Father's day. Here are some things that I appreciate about him.He is handy, just take a look at this dream deck. We are so excited about enjoying this new part of our home this summer.
He's great at entertaining Ollie. Just look at those sweeties watching t.v. together, sorry mom, they may or may not be watching the Simpsons.
He's great at feeding Ollie, today he gave him his first bowl of rice cereal. Can you believe Ollie is 4 months old already. Umm, I think he liked it, he only gagged one time.
He does a great job helping out around the house, thanks to the Harkey's Roomba, this has become a lot easier. For real this thing works great, you just put it in a room, shut the door and let it clean.
He does a great job loving us! Matty, Ollie and I think you are the bestest dad ever. Here is a shout out to all the baby's daddys of the world...enjoy your day...kick back...relax, take the day off you deserve it.

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