Saturday, June 4, 2011

just because...

Sort of feels like this 4 year old gets less and less love on my blog these days! Ollie Hannam is truly growing into a little boy before our eyes. He still loves to play in the water, and tell stories and is really into "making collections" of things, like rocks or old screws from Matt's work. He continues to fall more into the roll of big brother, even had a moment of complete empathy and sadness for his little sister when she had to sit in time out the other night...ahem for throwing her food at dinner, :).

He is soooooooooo excited for summer vacation, counting down the days even more than I am. Almost every time Sarah Claire cries, he says, "she's just ready for summer vacation, Mommy." He is so very independent these days, he went to a cook out with me tonight, just us and it was so easy, just took the boy...we ate, we visited, both of us had a great time. He still likes to cuddle every once in a while and I will always give him band long as he asks for them. So very thankful for such a sweet gift of having such a incredible son!
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