Saturday, June 4, 2011


We headed to Rock Castle Gorge, VA last weekend for a night to go camping with our friends the Clarks. We are super excited that they are back from living in Uganda for 2 years! Here are the two little people in our families. Sarah Claire was born in March and David was born in June, almost one.

Ollie and Bryan are only 11 days apart in age. Here they are in time out, well actually only Ollie was but sweet Bryan sat with him!


The beautiful valley...

The boys running wild on the hill, man Ollie looks like a big kid!

Group shot...minus the kids! It was a fun time, we could have done with out the torrential down pour that took place on Friday night while we were in our tents and the lack of sleep of our kids, but all in all it was a pretty fun trip.
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