Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super O...

Super O to the rescue, actually I think he said his name was "Super Y" you know after the tv show on pbs, his precious catch phrase was, " I am here to help!" Please note the fish net accessory.

This little boy is just the most fun these days, don't get me wrong, we have our moments...but for the most part I find myself looking at him often, thinking wow we made you, you're a little Hannam, not just the cute little blonde thing that buzzes around and asks for treats.

On our floor right now I see a sword turned into a fishing pole, a suction cup dart gun, a sippy cup with a dice in it ( a game I am sure.) And just before bed tonight and in between thunderstorms we were outside and he wanted to catch a firefly. (Side note, he had to go potty and waddled around the yard with his pants down around his ankles for a while trying to catch a bug, so funny.) Anyways... I helped him catch one and put it in a tupperwear container. He came inside and said he wanted to make a playground for his firefly, so he gathered a few objects and placed it inside his new pet's home. I asked him what his bug's name was and he said "Joey" like my Joey he said.

Some of you have had the privilege over the years of meeting our friend Joey, an old YL friend, whose been dealt way more than any young guy should be dealt in life. We knew Joey before we knew Ollie, but now that Ollie knows him they are special friends. And I think it is the sweetest thing that he calls him "my Joey."

Tonight I feel thankful to know and walk beside Super O in this adventure of life...and so very thankful to know that there is a Greater One who refers to me as "My Whitney!"
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Phrona said...

Whit, Ollie is the cutest! I love that he calls you "my Whitney". He is growing up so fast. Like I have told you so many times, enjoy every moment. I know you do. Before you know it, he will be at the COFC meeting his wife and living in Greenboro. Ha, you thought I was going to say Charleston didn't you. Sarah Claire is going to live in Charleston! I love all of you and can't wait to see you soon.

Amy Sasser said...

Love this and love how you and all the Hannams, even Ollie have been Jesus to Joey.

Meredith said...

i have not even read the post yet, but the pictures made me laugh out loud! love it [now on to read the post :)